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2023 Issues


WF 1_6_23  Priorities of the 118th Congress Include Conservative Measure, Coming Up: March for Life 2023 and National School Choice Week, New Accreditation Program for Christian Ministries Focuses on Child Abuse Prevention, Circuit Court Dismisses Connecticut Title IX Case

WF 1_13_23 Next Week: March for Life, January 20, 2023, Governors Provide Public Support for Expanding School Choice in New Legislative Sessions, Court Rules Against Ohio School Choice Program, South Carolina’s Abortion Ban Deemed Unconstitutional

WF 1_20_23 TODAY: March for Life, Court Dismisses REAP Lawsuit Against Religious Exemption in Title IX, National School Choice Week Is Next Week!, House of Representatives Passes Bill Protecting Babies Surviving Abortions

WF 1_27_23 March for Life 2023; Thank You, Hannah DeBruler; National School Choice Week Celebrated in Washington, D.C.; West Virginia Transgender Sports Ban Ruled Constitutional


WF 2_03_23 Two States Pass Broad School Choice Programs During National School Choice Week, Arkansas Governor Bans Teaching of CRT in Public Schools, Jack Phillips Loses Court Case but Continues Religious Liberty Fight

WF 2_10_23 President Biden Pushes Radical Liberal Social Agenda in State of the Union, FBI Director Wray Subpoenaed for Targeting Parents at School Board Meeting, Minnesota Passes Extreme Abortion Law

WF 2_17_23 School Choice: Multiple States Considering School Choice Legislation, Pence Group Launches Initiative to Protect Parental Rights, Standardized Testing Organization Exposed for Including Gender Ideology in Materials

WF 2_24_23 New AP Course on African American History Sparks Controversy, Christian School Appeals to Supreme Court on Employment Issue, Congress Reintroduces the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act


WF 3_3_23 School Choice Enthusiasm Leading to Victory in Arkansas, Facing Loss in Wyoming, AACS Submits Public Comments on DOE’s “Low-Financial Value” Program, Indiana House Tackles Gender Identity Instruction in Schools

WF 3_10_23 School Choice Update: Federal Legislation Introduced and State Update, West Virginia Passes Religious Freedom Bill, Arizona School Board Votes to Not Hire from a Christian University

WF 3_17_23 U.S. House of Representatives Takes Steps to Protect Parental Rights, Biden Budget Proposes Universal Preschool, ADF Asks Supreme Court to Intervene in Case to Protect Female Athletes

WF 3_24_23 Arkansas Passes Education Reform Which Includes Universal School Choice, Study Shows Average IQ Scores Declining for First Time in a Century, Wyoming Bans Abortion Pills

WF 3_31_23 Tennessee Christian School Faces Tragedy, New York Court Issues Ruling Regarding Private School Academics, Supreme Court Supports Parental Involvement Laws on Abortion


WF 4_06_23 AACS Hosts National Fine Arts, Academic, and Bible Competition Next Week, School Choice Update: Florida Passes Universal School Choice, AACS Submits Public Comments to Stand for Religious Liberty, Kentucky Legislature Protects Minors by Overriding Governor’s Veto

WF 4_21_23  AACS National Bible, Fine Arts, and Academic Competition Report, Federal Judge Approves Settlement Protecting Religious Liberty in School Choice, FBI Director Subpoenaed for Memo Regarding Churches, Federal Court Rules Against Abortion Bill

WF 4_28_23 House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on School Choice, Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Religious Liberty Case, Supreme Court Hands Abortion Pill Argument back to Lower Courts


WF 5_5_23 State Legislatures Take Steps to Protect Minors from Transgender Procedures, UCLA Report Finds the Introduction of Hundreds of Measures to Ban CRT Initiatives, Senate Blocks Abortion on Demand Amendment

WF 5_12_23 Student Scores in U.S. History and Civics Lowest in Decades, U.S. House of Representatives Protects Women’s Sports, Montana Governor Signs Bill Protecting Baby Abortion Survivors

WF 5_19_23 AACS Submits Public Comments for Proposed Title IX Regulations, House Oversight Committee Warns of Potential Student Loan Forgiveness Fraud, Federal Court Rules in Favor of California Churches

WF 5_26_23 State Legislatures Work to Expand Educational Options, Florida Bans DEI Programs in Higher Education, NC Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto of Bill to Protect Unborn Babies


WF 6_2_23 AACS Submits Amicus Brief Urging the Supreme Court to Take Religious Liberty Case, Biden Administration Releases New Guidance on Religious Expression in Public Schools, Legislation to Protect Minors from Gender Transition Surgery Introduced

WF 6_9_23 School Choice Opponents Block Opportunities in Illinois and Texas, Religious Affiliation and Voter Preference Correlated, Over 240,000 Public Comments Delay Proposed Title IX Changes

WF 6_16_23 Department of Education Promotes Discipline Policies Based on Racial Quotas, Oklahoma Approves First Religious Charter School, REAP Lawsuit Appealed

WF 6_23_23 AACS Will Host Annual Youth Legislative Training Conference Next Week, AACS Submits Amicus Brief Supporting Tax-Exempt Status for Religious Institutions, Injunction Slows Minnesota’s Attack on Religious Colleges, Teachers Unions and Public Schools Hide Reports of Sexual Abuse


WF 7_7_23 AACS Hosts Annual Youth Legislative Training Conference, Supreme Court Protects Religious Liberty

WF 7_14_23 School Choice Update: Oklahoma and Ohio Enact Universal School Choice, Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action, Supreme Court Rules Against Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

WF 7_21_23 Federal Court Rules in Favor of Religious Freedom for Faith-Based School, Christian School Sues State Officials for Withholding Preschool Funds, Biden Administration Announces Book Ban Czar

WF 7_28_23 U.S. Department of Education Publishes Guidance for Equitable Services, Federal Court Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty for Religious Employers, Iowa Judge Temporarily Blocks Heartbeat Law


WF 8_4_23 Math and Reading Scores for 13-Year-Olds Declining, Ohio Special August 8 Election Could Determine the Future of Parental Rights, Texas Judge Refuses to Marry LGBT Couples

WF 8_11_23 Florida Battles for Accuracy and Appropriate Material in School Books, Biden Administration Revokes Title X Funding for Pro-Life State, Evidence Links China’s Communist Party to Some American K-12 Schools

WF 8_18_23 Victory for Christian School in Battle with Local School Board, Bill Goes After Parents Who Do Not “Affirm” Child’s Chosen Gender Identity, Arizona School Board Reverses Discriminatory Decision Against Christian University

WF 8_25_23 Christian Preschool Faces Religious Discrimination, Federal Judges Rule Against Mail Distribution of Abortion Pill, Virginia’s Policy Protecting Students and Parents Faces Pushback


WF 9_1_23 Victories in the Courts for Protection of Children, Lawsuit Against Colorado’s Ban on Funding for Religious Preschools, Abolishing the Department of Education Has Support Among Political Leaders and Candidates

WF 9_8_23 AACS National Legislative Conference to Take Place Next Week, AACs Submits Public Comments Regarding Parental Choice for Early Education, Anti-School Choice Group Pushes Ballot Initiative to Overturn Choice Program, NC Legislature Overrides Veto to Protect Women’s Sports

WF 9_22_23 AACS Hosts National Legislative Conference, Office of Non-public Education Hosts Conference for Private School Leaders, Court Rules in Favor of Faith-Based Student Groups

WF 9_29_23 North Carolina Passes Universal School Choice, New Poll Shows Growing Support for School Choice, Survey on Adult Churchgoers and Social Issues


WF 10_06_23 Fourth Circuit Hears Oral Arguments in Religious Employment Case, Report Shows School Choice Policies Do Not Raise Tuition, Results from EdChoice Teen Survey Regarding Education Habits

WF 10_13_23 Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings on School Policies Protecting Children and Parental Rights, AACS Submits Public Comments on Regulations for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, Texas Considers School Choice in Special Legislative Session

WF 10_20_23 Ohio Will Consider Abortion on November State Ballot, Crisis Toolkit for Religious Institutions, EEOC Releases Proposed Enforcement Guidance on Harassment in the Workplace

WF 10_27_23 Congressional Hearing Highlights School Choice, Oklahoma Attorney General Files Suit Against Religious Charter School, The Battle over Appropriate Books in Education


WF 11_03_23 Court Ruled in Favor of Religious Liberty for Colorado Christian Preschool, New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, Georgia Supreme Court Upholds Pro-Life Heartbeat Law

WF 11_10_23 AACS Submits Public Comments for EEOC Guidance, Court Rules Against Parents in Indiana, Poll Shows Relationship Between Religious People and Positive Outlook

WF 11_17_23 AACS Submits Public Comments for HHS Discrimination, Tennessee Considers Refusing Federal Education Funding, Illinois School Choice Program to End

WF 11_22_23 Special Thanksgiving Message from Jamison Coppola, AACS Government Relations Director


WF 12_1_23 AACS Submits Amicus Brief in Defense of Religious Liberty, Jamison Coppola Radio Interview on Christian Education, Eyes on the Board Act Introduced

WF 12_8_23 New Partnership Formed to Protect School Choice Programs, Texas Pushes Back Against Climate Change in Textbooks, National School Choice Week, March for Life 2024

WF 12_15_23 New Data Shows Enrollment for Private Schools Holds Steady, Court Rules Against Religious Liberty in World Vision Case, National School Choice Week, March for Life 2024

WF 12_22_23 Wisconsin School Choice Program Survives Legal Challenge, VA Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Teacher in Pronoun Case, National School Choice Week, March for Life 2024

WF New Years Edition Special New Years Message from Maureen Van Den Berg, AACS Policy Analyst