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BJU Press Discount

AACS membership bonus: BJU Press offers a discount to AACS member schools! AACS member schools receive an additional discount of as much as 10% off the BJU Press Christian School Catalog textbook price list on their qualifying BJU Press purchases for orders received during the BJU Press early order discount window (orders over $1,000 placed between April 1 and May 31, 2024, not July 15 as previously stated). The discount includes a 5% early order discount plus an additional 5% AACS member school discount. AACS member schools receive a 5% AACS discount above the regular wholesale price on all other BJU Press textbook orders at other times.

Take advantage of the full 10% discount opportunity by ordering during the early order discount window! AACS schools will receive the 5% AACS member discount automatically with your textbook order. The discount is a benefit of your AACS membership and is provided by BJU Press because of the shared commitment of AACS and BJU Press to equipping the next generation of leaders with a biblical worldview and building academic success in all subject matters. You don’t need to do anything additional with your order. AACS member schools have been identified in the BJU Press database and may order through Precept Marketing or directly through BJU Press.

You can review BJU Press materials at, as well as download a catalog.