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2020 Manual

Manual Information

The AACS Competition Manual (2020 edition) will govern National Competition from 2021–2025. The AACS Competition Manual (2020 edition) includes the Science Fair Manual.

Be sure to purchase the manual for your school and carefully review it. State competitions often operate under different rules. Competitors must follow current Nationals rules and use the current AACS judging forms at Nationals.

The AACS National Competition Manual is copyrighted material. Please adhere to the following.

  1. The manual that you purchased is for use by your school only. Other schools must purchase their own manuals.
  2. Each school can print the manual or portions of the manual as needed. For example, you may print the rules for a particular area or the judging forms for your school use as needed.
  3. Do not forward the link or document to any other school or anyone other than school personnel.
  4. Do not post the link on any website.