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Achievement Testing


Iowa Assessment FAQ

Members Schools: For additional information about the AACS achievement testing program using the Iowa Assessment and Cognitive Abilities Test, please log into the website and go to the School Log In tab.

Consider These Values In Achievement Testing:

  1. Testing can help to verify the quality of your school’s academic program.
  2. Testing can provide information on annual student and class progress.
  3. Testing results are a good public relations tool.
  4. Testing can help to determine if students are working at their level of ability.
  5. Testing can be of value in class grouping and placement.

AACS member schools receive significant discounts on test materials, and you may purchase the exact quantities needed. No minimum purchase amounts are required as is usually the case in individual school orders.

If your school is not already participating in the AACS achievement testing program, give consideration to testing through the AACS program. You will find the value far outweighs the cost.

For more information call (423) 629-4280 or email the AACS Testing Center.