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Student Leadership Conferences

Train your students to be biblical leaders in their homes, churches, and schools.

Conference Options

1. Leadership Camp

The full Leadership Camp is 3 1/2 days packed with practical leadership training and powerful, heart-changing preaching. The camp setting often provides a better atmosphere for teens to make life-changing decisions, away from the routine and influences of every day life. This format provides needed time for assimilation and application of the leadership concepts being taught. These camps have also proven to foster good relationships between schools that normally meet only as opponents on the field or court. This format also offers advanced seminars for returning students, to help them take their leadership ability to the next level.

Detailed information, including dress code and other information, will be sent upon receipt of the registration form.

2. Regional Mini-Conference

The regional mini-conference is a new facet of the Student Leadership Training Conferences. This format allows several schools in the same area to get together for a 1-2 day leadership conference. This seminar can be conducted during regular school hours, keeping athletic and family schedules intact. Because students are staying in their own homes, the expense for the students and the school is greatly decreased. This format also facilitates good relationships between students in different schools, is an excellent opportunity for faculty members to be exposed to the leadership training, and it allows 7-12 grade students to be involved in learning how to be biblical leaders.

Rates for the mini-conference vary depending on location, meals, and travel for speaker. Arrangements for this format should be coordinated by local administrators.

Individual conferences for schools are flexible in schedule and price to meet your individual school needs.

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