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American Christian Honor Society

The American Christian Honor Society (ACHS) was founded by AACS in 1979 to honor qualified high school students in member schools and to be uniquely Christian in its emphasis. The American Christian Honor Society seeks to:

  • Advance Christian Scholarship
  • Challenge Christian Leadership
  • Honor Christian Character
  • Stimulate Christian Service

It is easy and inexpensive to begin a local ACHS chapter at an AACS member school. Request ACHS information from the AACS National Office, complete the membership application, and pay the initial registration fee. AACS will provide the school with the ACHS manual and other support materials. Supplies such as certificates, pins, and medallions are also available. Each chapter is required to abide by the bylaws of the American Christian Honor Society.

Click here to download the Membership Application. Visit the products page to order ACHS supplies.