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Application Process

YLTC 2024 will be July 8–12. Application process and information and forms for YLTC 2024 are posted below.

Students and sponsors interested in learning more about this training may review the information by opening the following documents:

YLTC Application Information 2024
YLTC Flyer 2024
YLTC State Nomination Form 2024

(Note: Schools should send completed forms to their State Association which will send it to the AACS Washington Office. See details below.) Click here to download the 2024 YLTC Fact Sheet.

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia Summers at (202) 547-2991.

YLTC Application Process

General Information:

  • Students desiring to attend the AACS Youth Legislative Training Conference (YLTC) must apply through their State Association Office. State offices will review applications and will determine which students to nominate from their state and will submit those nominations on the State Nomination Form to the AACS Washington Office. Nomination forms must be received by the AACS Washington Office by Monday, April 1, 2024.
  • Nominations to the AACS Washington Office must include the following:
    1. State Nomination Form: This can be downloaded from the AACS website. Please list students with the priority number that you would like them to be considered.
    2. Short essay: A paragraph written by the student describing why he/she would like to attend
      the YLTC.
    3. Letter of Recommendation: Written by a teacher or administrator for each student nominated.
  • Final selections will be made by the AACS Washington Office. Students will be notified by letter that they have been selected to attend the YLTC and must complete the following steps to confirm their attendance:
    1. Fill out the Registration Form included with the acceptance letter.
    2. Mail the completed Registration Form with a $25 processing fee and all applicable transportation fees (see YLTC Fact Sheet) to AACS Washington Office, ATTN: YLTC Registration, 119 C Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.
  • The AACS office will notify State Associations of the status of all the nominations they submitted.


  • Step One: Interested students should ask their school administrator or government teacher for an application form or use the YLTC Nomination Form from the AACS website.
  • Step Two: Complete the application form and write a short essay (paragraph length) on why you would like to attend the YLTC.
  • Step Three: Submit the application form and the short essay to your teacher. Your teacher/administrator may complete your application by adding their comments and a letter of recommendation. Send the completed application and essay to the State Association Office. Applications are due in the state office by Monday, March 25, 2024.


  • Step One: Check with your State Association Office for the required materials to complete the application. The application process varies by state, so be sure to complete the process and paperwork required by your state association.
  • Step Two: Be sure each student applying has a completed application form, a short essay, and a letter of recommendation from a teacher or administrator.
  • Step Three: Send the form, essay, and recommendation letter to your State Association Office. Applications are due in the state office by Monday, March 25, 2024.

State Associations:

  • Step One: Gather all materials from each candidate from each school.
  • Step Two: Determine the priority order that you would like students to be considered by using the YLTC Nomination Form (from AACS website).
  • Step Three: Email all materials (State Association YLTC Nomination Form, Letters of Recommendation, and Essays) to or mail to the AACS Washington Office, ATTN: YLTC, 119 C Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003 by Monday, April 1, 2024.