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2022 Issues


WF_1_07_22 Court Rules in Favor of Maryland Christian School, Parents in Virginia County Sue over Critical Race Theory Teaching, Build Back Better Defeated but Universal Pre-K Still an Issue

WF_1_14_22 Lawsuit Filed Against Ohio School Choice Program, Court Rules to Protect the Right of Church to Hire Staff, National School Choice Week Is Just Around the Corner, Coming Up–March for Life, January 21, 2021

WF_1_21_22 Today–March for Life in Washington, D.C., National School Choice Week Is Just Around the Corner, Emails Show Secretary of Education Cardona Requested NSBA Letter, Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments Defending Display of Christian Flag

WF_1_28_22 AACS Supports School Choice Resolution During National School Choice Week, March for Life Anticipates Life After Roe, Religious Liberty Battle in Indiana


WF_2_04_22 New Study Shows Adverse Effect of State-Funded Pre-K Program, U.S. Secretary of Education Outlines Priorities, School Choice Saves Taxpayers Money

WF_2_11_22 “Who’s Afraid of School Choice?”, Religious Liberty Victory in Indiana, Pro-Choice Supporters Seek to Glorify Abortion

WF_2_18_22 Battle to Protect Religious Liberty for Virginia Christian Schools, Congressman Calls for Investigation into National Association of Independent Schools, Studies Showing Adverse Effects of State-Funded Universal Pre-K

WF_2_25_22 Parents Speaking Out on Education and Gaining Victory, School Choice in the Courts, Office for Civil Rights Dismisses Title IX Complaint Against Religious College


WF 3_04_22 President Biden Projects Liberal Social Agenda in State of the Union, President Biden Nominates Ketanji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court Justice, Senate Defeats Abortion Bill 

WF 3_11_22 Results from Survey by U.S. Department of Ed Examines COVID-19 Impact on Principals and Teachers, Court Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty, Iowa Governor Signs Bill Protecting Girls’ Sports

WF 3_18_22 Poll Shows Strong Support for School Choice as States Advance School Choice Bills, Judge Halts Texas Efforts to Investigate Treatment to Children with Gender Dysphoria, Court Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty for Vermont Students and Religious Schools

WF 3_25_22 Senator Lankford Calls on Senate to Support School Choice, AACS Signs Letter Supporting Universal Charitable Deduction for Nonprofit Organizations, Senate Begins Hearing on President Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee


WF 4_01_22 AACS Hosts National Fine Arts, Academic, and Bible Competition Next Week; White House Proposed Budget Request Increased Spending for Education; Michigan Voters Get a Chance to Enact School Choice Program; Supreme Court Declines Religious Liberty Case with Hint of Future Consideration

WF 4_15_22 AACS National Bible, Fine Arts and Academic Competition Report; Battle to Protect Parental Rights and Youth in Education; Pro-Life Update from the States; Massachusetts Church Faces Battle in Effort to Start a Christian School

WF 4_22_22 Florida Rejects Math Textbooks with CRT Content, Biden Administration Goes After Charter Schools, Court Rules in Favor of Professor’s Free Speech and Religious Liberty

WF 4_29_22 State Update on School Choice, New Kentucky Law Declares Churches Essential in Future Emergencies, Supreme Court Hears Religious Liberty Case


WF 5_06_22 Leaked Draft of Supreme Court Ruling Reveals Potential Overturning of Roe v. Wade, Religious Liberty Victory at Supreme Court, Judge Dismisses Case Over Critical Race Theory

WF 5_13_22 Videos Show Critical Race Theory Still Taught, Even Where Prohibited; Polls Show Majority of Americans Oppose Abortion; New York Times Confronts the Consequences of School Closures

WF 5_20_22 House Republicans Obtain Information that the FBI Investigated Parents, Senate Vote Fails to Legalize Abortion Nationwide, Texas Supreme Court Allows Abuse Inquiries of Parents Allowing Transgender Procedures

WF 5_27_22 Public School Enrollment Takes a Hit from COVID, NSBA Releases Review of Letter Asking Biden Administration to Investigate Parents, Court Case Asks for Clarification of Religious Liberty After Bostock


WF 6_3_22 Texas Shooting Fuels School Safety Debate, USDA Mandates Transgender Policies to Participate in Federal School Lunch Program, Republican Study Committee Releases Family Policy Initiative

WF 6_10_22 Supreme Court to Issue Decision on Religious Liberty and School Choice Case, Education Secretary Cardona Faces Questions on School Choice and School Safety, IDEA Webinar Offers Information for AACS Ministries, AACS Welcomes Summer Interns

WF 6_17_22 School Choice Victory in Tennessee, Study Connects Rise in Youth Suicides with Transgender Procedures, COVID-19 Learning Loss Expected to Continue

WF 6_24_22 Supreme Court Upholds Free Exercise in Maine School Choice Program, AACS Sends Letter to Congress on School Safety Issue, Idaho Passes Microgrants Instead of True School Choice


WF 7_01_22 Life Is Protected–Roe v. Wade Overturned by the Supreme Court, Supreme Court Upholds Religious Liberty and Free Speech, Department of Education Proposes New Regulations for Title IX

WF 7_8_22 AACS Youth Legislative Training Conference, School Safety and Gun Control, GOP Proposes Legislation to Protect Children and Girls’ Sports, New Report on Religious Giving Since COVID-19

WF 7_22_22 AACS Hosts Youth Legislative Training Conference, Arizona Passes Universal School Choice Program, Maine Creates New Barrier for Religious Schools after Supreme Court Ruling

WF 7_29_22 AACS and State Associations Join in Opposition to Proposed Title IX Regulations, Court Rules that Private School that Took PPP Loan Is Subject to Title IX, House Passes Respect for Marriage Act to Legalize Gay Marriage


WF 8_05_22 Model Education Bills Are Priority at State Legislators’ Meeting, AACS DC Office Thanks Interns, Contraceptive Bill Passes the House – Contains Religious Liberty Concerns, Teacher’s Union Poll Shows Strong Support for Republican Education Policies 

WF 8_12_22 Senate Considers Respect for Marriage Act to Legalize Gay Marriage, Court Rules Tennessee School Choice Program Can Proceed this Fall, Indiana Passes Law to Stop Abortion Clinics after Dobbs Decision, Experts Say Religious Practice Not Actually Dying in America

WF 8_19_22 USDA Offers Clarification Regarding Religious Exemption for Title IX Requirement, Heritage Foundation Event Highlights School Choice and Empowering Parents, University of Idaho Students Score a Religious Liberty Victory

WF 8_26_22 Christian School Refuses to Change Biblical Policy Despite Threats, IRS Increase in 2022 Teacher Deduction, Parents Continue to Shift Away From Public Schools


WF 9_2_22 President Biden Announces New Student Loan Forgiveness, Federal Court Rules that California Churches Not Required to Cover Abortions, Court Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty for Doctors

WF 9_9_22 AACS National Legislative Conference Next Week, AACS Joins Amicus Brief in Religious Liberty Case, Texas State Board of Education Halts Revision of Social Studies Textbooks, Florida Parents Choose Conservative Education Leaders

WF 9_23_22 AACS Celebrates 50 Years at National Legislative Conference, Office of Non-Public Education Hosts Conference for Private School Leaders, Supreme Court Denies Yeshiva University Case

WF 9_30_22 AACS Submits Public Comments on Title IX, The Nation’s Report Card Reveals COVID Closures Caused Learning Loss in Reading and Math, Heritage Education Freedom Report


WF 10_07_22 AACS Submits Amicus Brief in Religious Liberty Case, AACS Submits Public Comments on HHS Transgender Rule, Report Shows Child Abuse and Neglect in Head Start Centers

WF 10_14_22 Victory for School Choice in Arizona and West Virginia, Supreme Court to Hear Religious Liberty Case, Virginia Reverses Policy Regarding Transgender Students

WF 10_21_22 Senate Considers Marriage Bill Which Threatens Religious Liberty, Kentucky Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments on New School Choice Program, Michigan Abortion Bill Poses Harm to Children and Parental Rights

WF 10_28_22 CDC Approves Recommendation for COVID-19 Vaccine for Children and Babies, NAEP Scores Show Students’ Math and Reading Proficiency Plummeted During School Shutdowns, Indiana Court Removes Transgender Child from Parents’ Care


WF 11_4_22 Issues at Stake in Upcoming Election, Pew Research Study: Satisfaction Higher for Private School Parents, Religious Liberty Victory in California, Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Hits a Legal Snag

WF 11_11_22 Update from the Election and Key Issues for Christian Schools, Post-Pandemic Test Scores for AACS Students Are Good News 

WF 11_18_22 U.S. Senate Moves Forward to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, A Red Wave for Education Freedom at the State and Local Levels, Federal Court Decision Protects Female Athletes

WF 11_23_22 Special Thanksgiving Message