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2021 Issues


WF 1_1_21 Special Christmas Season Message

WF 1_8_21 President Trump Signs Measures to Help Private Schools and Families During COVID-19, 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Overturns Lucas Country Order Closing Schools, Religious Liberty Win for Churches in New York

WF 1_15_21 Emergency Assistance Available for Private Schools Through COVID-19 Relief Bill, Department of Education Memorandum Ensures Protection of Religious Liberty in Title IX, Department of Education Issues Final Rule to Protect Faith-Based Organizations, National School Choice Week is Just Around the Corner, Coming Up–March for Life, January 29, 2021

WF 1_22_21 DOE Publishes Frequently Asked Questions for Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools, National School Choice Week Next Week, Coming Up–March for Life, January 29, 2021, Article Attacks Christian Textbooks for Being Pro-Trump, Supreme Court Pro-Life Ruling

WF 1_29_21 Join Today–The Virtual March for Life, President Biden Signs Executive Order on SOGI Discrimination, National School Choice Week Celebrated Across the Country, 1776 Report Tells the Story of American History


WF 2_5_21 Senate HELP Committee Holds Hearing for U.S. Secretary of Education Nominee, National Poll Shows Strong Support for School Choice, Federal Court Strikes Down Obamacare Transgender Mandate

WF_2_12_21 School Choice Update in the States, Supreme Court Upholds Religious Liberty for California Churches, Poll Shows Large Majority of Americans Oppose Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

WF_2_19_21 Federal and State Legislation Introduced to Counter Transgender Executive Order, Federal Judge Rules Restrictions on New York Churches Unconstitutional, Biden Administration Institutes Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Initiatives

WF_2_26_21 AACS Fights for the Religious Liberty of Christian Schools, Opposes Equality Act; South Carolina Enacts Heartbeat Law; Senate Committee Hearing on Controversial HHS Nominee


WF_3_05_21 Promise to America’s Children/Equality Act, Supreme Court Reinforces Ruling to Open Churches, Update: School Choice Advancing in State Legislatures

WF_3_12_21 President Biden Signs Executive Order Instructing Review of Non-discrimination in Title IX, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Free Speech and Religious Freedom, Arkansas Enacts Law Banning Abortion

WF_3_19_21 Covid Relief Bill Supports Abortion and Includes Billions for Education, Early Childhood Education, Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Equality Act, Update: School Choice in the States

WF_3_26_21 States Consider Multicultural Education Legislation/ Organizations Offer Pro-American Resources, Department of Education Releases FAQ on Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools, Becerra Confirmation to HHS a Threat to Life and Religious Liberty


WF_4_2_21 School Choice Victories in West Virginia and Kentucky, Court Victory for Religious Liberty and Free Speech, Save Girls’ Sports

WF_4_9_21 Dozens of Christian College Students Sue Department of Education, New Study Shows Educational Freedom Yields Higher Test Scores, “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” Spreads in Education

WF_4_16_21 AACS Hosts National Fine Arts, Academics, and Bible Competition; West Virginia State Senator Making a Difference for Christian Education; Supreme Court Blocks California Restriction on In-home Bible Studies; Arkansas Governor Vetoes Bill to Protect Children from Transgender Procedures

WF_4_23_21 AACS Hosts Virtual National Bible, Fine Arts, and Academics Competition; Department of Education Proposes Rule to Advance Critical Race Theory in Schools; SC Private School Coalition Files Lawsuit over Blaine Amendment; Lawsuit Against Biden Administration Charges Violation of Religious Freedom for College

WF_4_30_21 CATO Report Analyzes Health of Private Schools After COVID-19, Indiana Legislature Expands School Choice Program, Alabama Governor Signs Bill Prohibiting Males from Competing in Female Sports


WF_5_07_21 Biden Introduces Plan to Expand Federal Role in Education, AACS Submits Public Comments on EANS, Biden Administration Denies Petition to Define Sex as “Biological” in Title IX

WF_5_14_21 The Battle to Defeat Critical Race Theory in Education, School Choice Update in the States, Governors Sign Pro-Life Bills Across the Country

WF_5_21_21 School Choice Continues to Expand on the State Level, Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Challenging Roe v. Wade, Federal Agencies Take Steps to Redefine “Sex” to Include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

WF_5_28_21 AACS Submits Comments on DOE Proposal for American History and Civics Education, Religious Victory in California, Judge Rules Against Christian College that Challenged Biden Rule


WF_6_4_21 AACS Submits Public Comments on Title IX Regulations that Redefine Sex, Promise to America’s Children, Strong Parental Support for School Choice Programs for Students with Disabilities, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Fairness in Women’s Sports Act

WF_6_11_21 Department of Education Conducts Virtual Hearing for Title IX, Court Victory for School Choice and Religious Liberty in Vermont, Court Orders Reinstatement of Teacher Who Was Suspended for Religious Beliefs

WF_6_18_21 SCOTUS Rules Unanimously: Philadelphia Violated Religious Liberty of Christian Foster Care Agencies, Supreme Court to Conference on Maine School Choice Case, Governor DeSantis Signs Bill Requiring Moment of Silence in Public Schools

WF_6_25_21 Biden Administration Claims to Defend Religious Exemption in Education, New Poll Shows Strong Support for School Choice, School Choice in Indiana Saved the State Millions of Dollars


WF_7_2_21 AACS Youth Legislative Training Conference, AACS Joins Amicus Brief to Defend Religious Liberty, Supreme Court Validates Transgender Rights, Federal Legislation Introduced to Ban Critical Race Theory in DC Schools

WF_7_16_21 AACS Hosts Youth Legislative Training Conference in Washington, D.C., Missouri Approves School Choice Program, Supreme Court Refuses to Decide Religious Liberty Case

WF_7_23_21 Department of Education Backs Down from Requiring Critical Race Theory in Grant Program, House Votes to Fund Abortions with Taxpayer Dollars, Secretary of Education Cardona Refuses to Answer Question on Gender

WF_7_30_21 1776 Curriculum Published to Counter Teaching of Critical Race Theory, Department of Education Releases Final Requirements for the EANS Program, Federal Court Rules Against CA Gov. Newsom and for Educational Freedom


WF_8_06_21 Budget Reconciliation Bill Includes Funding for Universal Pre-K, Free Community College; House Democrats Pass Bill That Erases Hyde Amendment, Supports Abortion Funding; Federal Court Upholds Religious Liberty at the University of Iowa

WF_8_13_21 Senate Passes Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and Partisan Budget Proposal, AACS Washington Office Thanks Our Summer Intern, Florida Approves School Choice for “COVID-19 Harassment” 

WF_8_20_21 Court Protects Religious Schools’ Right to Hire, NAEP Results for K-12 Schools in America, Conservative Leaders Urge Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade

WF 8_27_21 2021: The Year of School Choice, Universal Preschool Part of Budget Debate, Court Rules Against Obama-Era Transgender Mandate


WF_9_3_21 Department of Education Opens Investigation into States Which Prohibit School Mask Mandates, Christian Schools Grappling with Mask Mandates, Report Shows Common Core Has Been Harmful to Education, Judge Upholds Students’ Right to Decline COVID-19 Vaccine for Religious Reasons

WF_9_10_21 Religious Liberty Victory for California Church, Pastor John MacArthur; Arkansas Attorney General Rules Critical Race Theory Violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act; Texas Passes Abortion Ban and Supreme Court Lets It Stand

WF_9_24_21 AACS Hosts National Legislative Conference, Twenty States Sue Biden Administration for Redefining Sex in Title IX, House to Vote on Pro-Abortion Bill


WF_10_01_21 Office of Non-Public Education Hosts Conference for Private School Leaders, House Passes Abortion Bill with Only Partisan Support, Supreme Court Has Opportunity to Rule for Religious Liberty

WF_10_08_21 South Carolina Court Case Against Blaine Amendment, AACS Submits Amicus Brief Supporting Religious Liberty for Mission in Hiring Rights, Judge Rules in Favor of Christian School Allowing Parental Decisions on Masks

WF_10_15_21 DOJ Receives Backlash for Calling for Investigation of Parents, Intervention Granted in Title IX Religious Exemption Case, Federal Court Allows Texas Abortion Ban to Resume

WF_10_22_21 School Choice in the Courts, Catherine Lhamon Confirmed to Lead Office for Civil Rights, Universal Pre-K and Childcare Expansion Proposal Could Leave Out Faith-Based Providers

WF_10_29_21 Merrick Garland Faces Questions from Senators Regarding Parents Memo, Supreme Court to Hear Challenges to Texas Pro-Life Law, Biden Admits Reconciliation Package May Not Fully Fund Free Community College


WF_11_05_21 Battle to Defend Parents’ Primary Role in Children’s Education, Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Texas Abortion Case, Employers Sue Biden Administration to Protect Nonprofits from Covering Transgender Surgery

WF_11_19_21 Reconciliation Bill Includes Universal Preschool but Not Religious Liberty; Plans to Include Women in the Draft in the NDAA; Teacher’s First Amendment Rights Upheld, Lawsuit Continues Against School Board

WF 11_24_21 Special Thanksgiving Message


WF 12_03_21 Parents Push Back Against Social Emotional Learning, Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Abortion Case, Senate Republicans Call for AG to Testify Regarding Parents Memo

WF 12_10_21 Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Religious Liberty and Education Case Carson v. Makin, Drafting Women Provision Dropped from NDAA, New Report Shows Learning Loss During COVID-19 Pandemic

WF_12_17_21 School Choice Programs Increase Opportunities and Save Money; National School Choice Week Is Just Around the Corner; 9th Circuit Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty; NYC Extends COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Private, Religious Schools

WF_12_22_21 Special Christmas Message

WF_12_30_21 Special New Year’s Message