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2020 Issues


WF 1_10_20 Church Tax Repealed in Spending Bill, National School Choice Week is Just Around the Corner, March for Life 2020 Plans Rallies on National and State Level

WF 1_17_20 AACS Submits Public Comments on Religious Liberty and Student Loan Regs, Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Pro-Life Case, National School Choice Week is Just Around the Corner, Coming Soon–National March for Life on January 24, 2020

WF 1_24_20 Watch Live Today: The National March for Life in Washington, D.C., Religious Freedom Day Brings Efforts to Protect Religious Freedom, The Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in School Choice Case, National School Choice Week is Just Around the Corner

WF 1_31_20 Trump Administration and Congress Recognize National School Choice Week, President Trump Speaks at March for Life, Florida Governor Rejects Common Core


WF 2_07_20 President Highlights School Choice, Life, and Religious Liberty in State of the Union Address, AACS Submits Public Comments on SALT Regulations, National School Choice Week Report

WF 2_14_20 Victory for Religious Freedom of Private Schools in New York, Federal Commission on School Safety Launches , AACS Signs Amicus Brief in Voucher Case

WF 2_21_20 AACS Submits Public Comments Supporting Religious Liberty Protections, VA Legislature Considers Bill that Threatens Religious Liberty of Churches and Christian Schools, President Trump Proposes Nearly 8% Cut in Education Spending 

WF 2_28_20 AACS Legislative Director Testifies at IRS Hearing Regarding Troublesome SALT Regulations, Florida Tax Credit Donors Renew support after Withdrawing over Christian School Policies, Democrat Senators Block Votes to Protect Life


WF 3_6_20 AACS Resource Page for Schools on Coronavirus, “Lemon is Dead”: Court Ruling Deemed a Victory for Religious Liberty, American Federation for Children Releases New School Choice Polling, Secretary of Education DeVos Addresses School Choice and Religious Liberty

WF 3_13_20 AACS Resource Page for Schools on Coronavirus, Battle for Religious Liberty for Churches and Religious Schools in Virginia, SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments in Pro-Life Case, Tennessee School Choice Program Heads to Court

WF 3_20_20 Resources Provided for Schools and Churches Responding to COVID-19, Florida Legislature Moves to Expand Tax Credit Scholarship Program, Arizona Legislature Moves to Expand ESA Program Despite Opposition

WF 3_27_20 Congress Passes Coronavirus Legislation–Effects for Christian Schools, Coronavirus and the Pro-Life Battle, AACS Accepting Applications for Youth Legislative Training Conference 


WF 4_3_20 CARES Act Becomes Law–Coronavirus Legislation Phase III, AACS COVID-19 Resource Page for Christian Schools, AACS Accepting Application for Youth Legislative Training Conference, Trump Administration Files Statement of Interest in Transgender Case

WF 4_10_20 Religious Organizations Included in CARES Act Provisions, Justices Gorsuch and Thomas Dissent from Court’s Decision Not to Hear Religious Ad Case, AACS COVID-19 Resource Page for Christian Schools, AACS Accepting Applications for Youth Legislative Training Conference

WF 4_17_20 U.S. Attorney General Defends Religious Liberty in the Midst of Social Distancing, Michigan Governor Faces Backlash Over Education Directive in Executive Order, Planned Parenthood Forced to Close Due to COVID-19

WF 4_24_20 Department of Education Announced Emergency Educational Funding for Governors, Virginia Governor Signs Equality Bill Into Law That Targets Religious Freedom, Congressmen Sign Letter Supporting Ban on Fetal Tissue Research


WF 5_01_20 Secretary of Education Urges States to Rethink Education with Emergency Funds, U.S. Attorney General Issues Memo Warning States Not to Violate Constitution, Harvard Attack on Parental Rights and Education Options

WF 5_08_20 U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance for Equitable Services for Private Schools, DOJ Files Statement of Interest in VA Church Lawsuit, States Face Immense Costs if Private School Students Return to Public Schools

WF 5_15_20 AACS Submits Public Comments on Religious Liberty Protections in SBA Rule, Supreme Court Hears Arguments in First Amendment Case, Updates on Religious Freedom for Churches

WF 5_22_20 COVID Closures Affecting Private Schools, North Carolina and Oregon Judges Rule to Open Churches, The 1619 Project to Rewrite History in Public Schools

WF 5_29_20 Secretary DeVos Indicates New Regulations Will Ensure Equitable Services for Private Schools, President Declares Houses of Worship Essential, Poll Shows Distance Learning Impact on Parents’ Schooling Choices


WF 6_5_20 AACS Signs Letter Urging Congress to Support Religion in Coronavirus Legislation, Pro-Life Members of Congress File a Brief in New York v. HHS, Supreme Court Rejects Appeal from California Churches

WF 06_12_20 New Report on School Choice and School Safety, Department of Justice Files Amicus Brief in Support of Catholic Adoption Agencies, Trump Signs Executive Order Advancing International Religious Freedom

WF 6_19_20 Supreme Court Rules in Favor of LGBT Rights, Christian School Teachers Coming Out of COVID-19 Stronger, CATO Holds Discussion on Education Freedom

WF 6_26_20 Administration Continues Efforts to Advance School Choice, Senate Effort to Pass Equality Act Fails, ADF Briefing on SCOTUS Decision and Christian Schools


WF 7_03_20 Independence Day Special Edition, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of School Choice and Religious Liberty

WF 7_10_20 White House Hosts Summit on Reopening Schools Safely, Federal Judge Blocks COVID-19 Restrictions on New York Religious Services, Iowa Governor Signs Pro-Life Bill into Law

WF 7_17_20 AACS Hosts Virtual YLTC, Supreme Court Rules for Religious Liberty in Guadalupe Case, Supreme Court Delivers Pro-Life Ruling for Little Sisters of the Poor

WF 07_24_20 South Carolina Expands School Choice with SAFE Grants, DeVos Offers New School Choice for Native Americans, Churches Sue California Governor Over “Worship Ban”

WF 07_31_20 Federal School Choice Legislation Introduced, Equitable Services for Private Schools Interim Final Rule, Heritage Foundation Conducts National Survey on Civics Education


WF 08_07_20 Maryland Governor Blocks County Efforts to Close Private Schools, States Considering School Choice Options in Response to Pandemic, AACS DC Office Thanks Interns

WF 08_14_20 School Choice Bill Would Fund Students, Not Schools, IRS Finalizes SALT Regulations, Department of Education Releases Religious Liberty Guidance

WF 08_21_20 Religious Liberty Battles in California, AACS Podcast Addresses Health Considerations for Reopening Christian Schools, Democratic Platform: Education and Religious Liberty

WF 08_28_20 AACS Signs Amicus Brief Regarding Equitable Services in the CARES Act, Religious Liberty Battle Continues in California, Republican Platform: Education, Life, and Religious Liberty


WF 09_04_20 Private Schools Filing Lawsuits Against Governments that Keep Them Closed, NC School Choice Program Under Fire, Survey Shows Support for School Choice Is Strong

WF 09_11_20 Judge Rules Against Private School Provisions in the CARES Act, Victory for Two Texas Christian Schools in Claiming Rights to Reopen, Federal Judge Blocks Administration’s Pro-Life Rule

WF 09_18_20 AASC Hosts Virtual National Legislative Conference, COVID-19 and Christian School Enrollment, Court Ruling Prohibits Indoor Worship in Los Angeles County

WF 09_25_20 Department of Education Religious Liberty Final Rule, White House Conference on American History, President Trump to Sign Executive Order Protecting Babies Who Survive an Abortion


WF 10_02_20 U.S. Department of Education Hosts Leadership Conference for Private School Leadership, Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Justice, Prayer March in Washington, D.C. 

WF 10_09_20 ADF Files Lawsuit Against Virginia’s New Anti-Religious Liberty Law, U.S. Department of Justice Files Statement of Interest Supporting Religious Liberty, Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Alito Warn of the Dangers of Obergefell to Religious Liberty

WF 10_16_20 Federal Court Rules in Favor of Seminary in Religious Liberty Case, Department of Education Revised Guidance on Equitable Services, Court Gives Victory to Capitol Hill Baptist Church

WF 10_23_20 Senate Conducts Hearing to Consider Supreme Court Nominee, Sensitivity Training for Florida School Choice Program, Department of Education Hosts Faith Leaders’ Summit

WF 10_30_20 Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett as Justice of the Supreme Court, Oregon Christian School Challenges Overreaching COVID Restrictions, Vermont Families Charge Religious Discrimination in School Choice Program


WF 11_6_20 Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Religious Foster Care Case, Life and Religious Liberty Election Updates in the States, Court Rules Against Religious School Inclusion in School Choice Program

WF 11_13_20 Election Update, Pro-Life Update in State Legislatures, President Trump Establishes 1776 Commission to Combat Critical Race Theory

WF 11_20_20 Religious Freedom Restoration Act Explained, Justice Alito Speaks in Support of Religious Liberty, Poll Reveals Parents’ Concerns with Education during COVID

WF 11_25_20 Special Thanksgiving Message


WF 12_04_20 Supreme Court Grants Religious Liberty Victory, Christian School Appeals to U.S. Supreme Court to Reopen, Ohio Expands School Choice Program

WF 12_11_20 AACS Submits Public Comments in Support of Religious Liberty, 38 Senators File Amicus Brief Supporting Religious Liberty for Christian School, Religious Liberty Win for Christian Counselors in Florida. 

WF 12_18_20 Religious Liberty Index Shows Americans’ Strong Support for Religious Liberty, Christian Schools Suing over State School Closures, Supreme Court Rules Churches Can Open

WF 12_25_20 Special Christmas Season Message