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2019 Issues


WF 01_04_19 Federal Commission on School Safety Releases Final Report, SALT Update: IRS Offers Safe Harbor for Business Taxpayers, Ohio Fails to Pass Heartbeat Abortion Bill

WF 01_11_19 Parents Consider School Safety to be a Key Factor When Utilizing School Choice, Department of Education Undergoes Reorganization, National School Choice Week is Just Around the Corner, Coming Soon–March for Life–January 18, 2019

WF 01_18_19 National School Choice Week is Just around the Corner, Pro-Life Legislative Work Leads up to the March for Life, Judge Rules against Trump Administration Conscience Protections in Contraceptive Mandate, Common Core Exams Show increase in Failure Rate in New York

WF 01_25_19 Trump Administration and Congress Recognize National School Choice Week; Vice President Defends Christian Faith, Christian Schools, Religious Freedom; March for Life 2019


WF 02_01_19 New York Passes Extreme Abortion Law, AACS Submits Title IX Comments, Administration Moves to Protect Religious Liberty in South Carolina

WF 2_08_19 President Trump Stands for Children and Life in the State of the Union, Polls Show Support for School Choice Is on the Rise, Florida Governor Moves to Abolish Common Core

WF 02_15_19 Florida Tax Credit Program Increases College Enrollment and Graduation, Congressional Democrats Block Bills to Stop Infanticide, Supreme Court Blocks Louisiana’s Pro-Life Law

WF 02_22_19 School Choice Battle in West Virginia, Religious Schools and the School Choice Debate, Several States Advance the Heartbeat Bill


WF_03_01_19 School Choice Update in the States, Senate Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide, Religious Liberty Is Threatened by Rules Regarding Conversion Therapy

WF_03_08_19 Federal Tax Credit Scholarship Program Introduced, Senators Lankford and Coons Reintroduce LIFT for Charities Act, Trump Administration Protects Life Through Title X Rule

WF 3_15_19 School Choice for Military Families Introduced, Department of Education Declares Restriction on Religious Organizations Is Unconstitutional, Alive From New York Event Will Celebrate Life in Times Square

WF 03_22_19 New Study Finds Weaknesses in Social-Emotional Learning, Federal Court Upholds Ohio Law to Defund Planned Parenthood, The Equality Act Is Introduced in the House

WF 03_29_19 Montana Parents Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court Over School Choice Decision, Alive from New York–Event to Celebrate Life, Study Shows Regulations Negatively Affect Private School Participation in School Choice, Appeals Court Upholds Housing Allowance Tax Exemption for Clergy


WF 04_05_19 Effects of Regulations on Specialization in School Choice, AACS to Host National Competition Next Week, Alive from New York–Event to Celebrate Life, Mississippi Expands Education Savings Accounts, State Legislatures Pass Heartbeat Bills

WF 04_19_19 AACS Sends Letter to Congress Addressing Concerns in the Equality Act, Alive from New York–Event to Celebrate Life, AACS Signs Amicus Brief in School Choice Case, Pro-Life Members of Congress Stand for Life

WF 04_26_19 New Report Offers Review of All School Choice Research, U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Three SOGI Cases, North Carolina Governor Vetoes Bill to Protect Infants Who Survive Abortions


WF 05_03_19 New York Supreme Court Ruling Protects Autonomy of Private Schools, Federal Judges Block Pro-Life Rule from Taking Effect, Equality Act Receives a Mark-Up in House Judiciary Committee

WF 05_10_19 Florida and Tennessee Create New School Choice Programs, Equality Act Alert, Georgia Bans Abortion Once a Baby’s Heartbeat is Detected, Alive from New York a Success

WF_05_17_19 AACS Attends Panel Event on SEL: Social-Emotional Learning, AACS Legislative Office Prepares for Annual Youth Legislative Training Conference, White House Indicates Concerns with the Equality Act but Does Not Threaten to Veto It

WF 05_24_19 Equality Act Passes House Despite Opposition from Conservatives and Feminists, Evaluation of DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, Alabama and Louisiana Pass Strong Pro-Life Bills