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General Info and Rules

Refer to the AACS Website, the Competition Annual Update, and the National Competition Manual (2020 edition) for information regarding this year’s topics for Bible categories, the Debate topic, rules updates or clarifications, and other important information.

Competition Annual Update

The AACS Competition Manual (2020 edition) will govern National Competition 2021–2025. Online format of the manual allows AACS to make changes and update as needed. The link will be active throughout the life of the manual, even if updates are made. Before preparing for competition each year, check the Annual Update.


For Bible Memory and Bible Quizzing, the official Bible can be purchased from the products page. This is the ISBN 978-0-718-09754-7 for the official Bible.

Extemporaneous Speaking

Topics will be drawn from January, February, and March issues of the following news magazines: World Magazine and Time Magazine. Student research and speech references are not limited to the magazines from which topics will be drawn.

Handbell Categories

BJU will provide up to four six-foot tables or three eight-foot tables but no pads for handbell competitions.

Instruments Provided Categories: Percussion Solo, Large Instrumental Ensemble, and Orchestra/Band

Percussion instruments that will be provided only for percussion solo, orchestra/band, or large instrumental ensemble are the following:

Due to storage space constraints, all bands/ensembles must use the BJU instruments listed below and not bring their own.

Percussion instruments that will be provided by BJU at both the warm-up and performance locations include:

  • 4 timpani in standard sizes (23”, 26”, 29”, 32”) (Ludwig timpani in Fine Arts 119 and Walter Light timpani in Stratton Hall)
  • Concert bass drum (38” in FA 119; 42” in Stratton Hall)
  • Large gong
  • Chimes
  • Vibraphone
  • Rosewood xylophone and marimba (4.3 octave)
  • Glockenspiel
  • Mallets/sticks will NOT be provided. Please do not use hard clear plastic mallets made of Lexan. (Lexan in a polycarbonate resin that will damage rosewood.)

Any other percussion instruments that may be needed must be supplied by you or borrowed from another visiting school.