Orton-Gillingham Training

AACS Summer Training Opportunity
Orton-Gillingham in the Classroom: A Multisensory Approach

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Dates: July 16–July 19, 2018

Location: Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC

Instructor: Cheryl Eller, Fellow—Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators

Facilitator: Cindy Hall, Director—Dyslexia Center at Lindsay Lane Christian Academy

$980—training, Campus View Apartment housing (shared room), and meals
$700—training only
$49—additional online subscriber course

This thirty-hour, intensive course is designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills needed for structured, multisensory reading and spelling instruction vital to dyslexic students and beneficial to all learners in the general classroom setting. It is specifically designed for teachers who desire an understanding of dyslexia and how to use multisensory language techniques and principles for use in the general classroom and small groups.

For additional information about the training or credentials, contact Cindy Hall at llca.cindy@lindsaylane.org.

For additional information about registration or housing, contact Jessica Baughman at jbaughman@aacs.org.