2018 Issues


WF 1_05_18 Looking Ahead: Education Reform in 2018, Trump Re-Nominates Liberal for EEOC Position, Court Rules Against Oregon Bakers in Gay Wedding Cake Case

WF 1_12_18 Plans in Motion for 529 Expansion, National School Choice Week Is Just Around the Corner!, Coming Soon-March for Life-January 19, 2018, Supreme Court Declines Hearing Mississippi Religious Liberty Case, New Report Shows that Abstinence Education Decreases Teen Sexual Activity

WF 1_19_18 FEMA Announces Churches Now Eligible for Disaster Relief Assistance, Christian School Fights for Right to Operate Out of a Church, National Religious Freedom Day

WF 1_26_18 National Leaders Highlight National School Choice Week, Thousands Participate in March for Life, HHS Creates New Office for Conscience Protection


WF 2_02_18 National School Choice Week Sees Record Participation, President Trump Delivers Positive Message of Progress and Freedom, U.S. Senate Fails to Pass Pro-Life Bill

WF 2_09_18 New Poll Shows Strong Support for School Choice, Research Shows Christianity in U.S. Growing Stronger, Illinois Battle to Advance School Choice

WF 2_16_18 President’s Proposed Budget Cuts Education Spending and Increases School Choice, National Prayer Breakfast, Report on Mexico City Policy 

WF 2_23_18 Expansion of 529 Plans Can Help Parents Pay for Christian Education, AACS Applauds New FEMA Policy, Judicial Nominations Waiting Senate Confirmation, Court Rules in Favor of Religious LIberty in Wedding Cake Case


WF 3_02_18 Administration Discusses Educational Priorities and School Safety at CPAC, Report Shows How Families Benefit from Florida’s ESA Program, Opportunity for Christian School Participation in President’s Education Awards Program

WF 3_09_18 Resources Offer Information on States’ Adjustment of New Federal Plan for School Choice, Ohio Judge Rules Against Parental Rights, Michigan Legislators Ask Attorney General to Investigate Church for Identity Workshop

WF 3_16_18 White House Plan for Strengthening School Security, First Amendment Defense Act Reintroduced, Iowa Senate Approves Bill to Ban Abortions Once Heartbeat is Detected

WF 3_23_18 AACS Offers Public Comments Supporting Religious Liberty, Federal School Choice Bills Introduced, Immediate Aid for Schools Affected by Natural Tragedies

WF 3_29_18 States Work on Updating 529 Plans to Expand School Choice Opportunities, Supreme Court Should Spare Pro-Lifers from Compelled Pro-Abortion Speech, Mississippi Governor Signs, Federal Judge Quickly Challenges Abortion Law


WF 4_06_18 Omnibus Bill, Education Funding, and Private Schools, AACS to Host National Competition Next Week, Federal Commission on School Safety Holds First Meeting, Florida Expands Choice Program

WF 4_20_18 AACS Hosts National Competition, Religious Litmus Test for Mike Pompeo during Senate Hearing, National Report Card Shows No Improvement in Education, PROSPER Act Provides Protections for Students at Private Faith-based Colleges

WF 4_27_18 California Assembly Passes Bill That Stifles First Amendment, State-Funded Preschool Growing Despite Lacking in Funding, Ministerial Housing Allowance Ruled Unconstitutional by Judge


WF 5_04_18 Debate over Military School Choice Intensifies, The ABCs of School Choice, Court Challenge to Montana’s Tax Credit Program

WF 5_11_18 School Choice Highlighted in Washington, D.C., President Trump Establishes New Faith and Community Initiative, Iowa Governor Signs Strict Abortion Ban

WF 5_18_18 States Consider School Safety Legislation, Georgia Expands School Choice, Administration Looking to Revise Regulations for Religious Colleges

WF 5_25_18 Betsy DeVos Explains Education Priorities to Congress, Trump Administration Proposes New Rule to Defund Planned Parenthood, California Judge Rules in Favor of Christian Baker


WF 6_01_18 School Safety Commission Conducts Meeting, Iowa Expands School Choice, Courts Side with Transgender Students

WF 6_08_18 Victory for Christian Baker in Religious Liberty Case, School Choice Analysis of DC Program, AACS Joins Support for Religious Freedom in the PROSPER Act, Update

WF 6_15_18 AACS Participates in School Safety Meeting, New Mexico Supreme Court Revisits Case on Textbooks for Private Schools, Congressmen Call for Investigation into Planned Parenthood

WF 6_22_18 School Board Ignore Parents’ Concerns Over Charges to Sex Education, School Safety and School Choice, Missouri Defunds Planned Parenthood

WF 6_29_18 Trump Administration Proposes Combining Departments of Education and Labor, Abortion Activists File Lawsuits against Pro-Life Laws in Three States, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pro-Life Pregnancy Center


WF 7_06_18 President Trump Considers Potential Nominees for Supreme Court Vacancy, Washington Supreme Court to Reconsider Christian Florist’s Case, School Safety Update, AACS Youth Legislative Training Conference

WF 7_20_18 AACS Hosts Youth Legislative Training Conference, Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Education and Religious Liberty, School Safety Commission Holds Meeting Regarding Mental Health

WF 7_27_18 State Department Hosts the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, Preschool Development Block Grant Competition to Open Soon, U. S. District Court Rules Against Faith-Based Adoption Agency


WF 8_03_18 AACS Joins Amicus Brief Supporting Religious Liberty, AACS Submits Public Comments Supporting Pro-Life Regulations, Third Circuit Court Affirms Transgender Students’ Rights

WF 8_10_18 DOJ Hosts Religious Liberty Summit and Announces Religious Liberty Initiative, RNC Adopts Parental Rights Politcy for Sex Education, President Trump Signs Education Bill into Law

WF 8_17_18 Puerto Rico Supreme Court Rules in Favor of School Choice, Christian Baker Targeted Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Department of Labor Takes Steps to Protect Religious Liberty

WF 8_31_18 Two New Lawsuits Seek to Stop Discrimination Against Religion and Expand School Choice, New Poll Shows Public Support Rising for Universal Vouchers, Senate Fails to Pass Amendment to Defund Planned Parenthood


WF 9_07_18 California’s Anti-Religious AB 2943 Withdrawn at the Last Minute, Senate Hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Hawaii Attorney General Oversteps Bounds with Guidance to Churches and Private Schools

WF 9_21_18 AACS Hosts National Legislative Conference, Senate Vote for Supreme Court Nominee Delayed

WF 9_28_18 Hurricane Relief Effort for AACS Schools and Families, Department of Education Hosts Conference for Private School Leaders,The IRS Issues Proposed Rule to Address SALT Deductions and Charitable Giving, Study Shows Voucher Regulations Hinder Benefits


WF 10_05_18 Study Shows Voucher Programs Save Taxpayers Money, Hurricane Relief Effort for AACS Schools and Families, Report Shows 529 Savings Plans are Setting New Records, States Leaving Common Core in Droves

WF 10_12_18 AACS Submits Public Comments Regarding New IRS Guideline, Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh on Religious Liberty and Education, Growing Trend to Make Contraception Availalbe to Teens without Parental Consent

WF 10_19_18 Arizona School Choice Measure on November Ballot, ABC’s of School Choice Guidebook Released, American Pastor Freed After Two Years in Turkish Prison

WF 10_26_18 Special Note from AACS Legislative Director Jamison Coppola – Celebrating Life


WF 11_02_18 Elections: Education on the Ballot, AACS Staff Attended NCES Private School Meeting, Free Editorial Cartooning Opportunity at U.S. Department of Education

WF 11_09_18 Election Results Yield Victory and Disappointment, IRS Holds Public Hearing on Proposed Rule to Address SALT, Charitable Deduction, United Kingdom Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Christian Bakers

WF 11_16_18 AACS Joins Coalition Seeking Repeal of Parking Taxation on Churches, President Trump Signs Bill Protecting Church and Religious Property, Michigan Court Approves Some Public Funding for Private Schools

WF 11_21_18 Thanksgiving Proclamation, October 3, 1789, by President George Washington

WF 11_30_18 – Mid-term Elections and School Choice, Christmas Offering Opportunity to Help Christian Schools, Trump Administration Updates Conscience Exemptions for Contraceptive Mandate


WF 12_07_18 Congressional Action to Remove New Taxation on Churches, Proposed Regulations Released for Title IX, The Case That Could Overturn Roe v. Wade