2017 Issues


WF 1_06_17 – HHS Launches National Database of Child Care Licensing Regulations, National School Choice Week is Just Around the Corner, Federal Judge Rules Against Obama’s Transgender Health Mandate, Don’t Miss the March for life!

WF 1_13_17 – Attorney General Nominee Confirms Support for Religious Liberty, Don’t Miss National School Choice Week, House Investigative Panel Releases Final Report, Congressional Prayer Caucus Announces Leadership

WF 1_20_17 – Senate HELP Committee Holds Confirmation Hearing for Betsy DeVos, New Poll Shows Strong Support for School Choice, Religious Freedom Day

WF 1_27_17 – School Choice Celebrated at DC Events During National School Choice Week, President Trump Signs Executive Order Banning Federal Funding for International Abortion, Congressional Legislation Prohibits Federal Funding for Abortion and Protects Life


WF 2_03_17 – AACS Joins Public Support for Betsy DeVos, SCOTUS Nominee Strong Supporter of Religious Freedom, March For Life Brings Thousands to Washington D.C., National School Choice Week

WF 2_10_17 – Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, AACS Leadership Participates in LEAD Conference, AACS Signs Amicus Brief in Support of Religious Liberty, Possible Executive Order to Support Religious Liberty

WF 2_17_17 – Trump Administration Drops Defense of Transgender Mandate, Trump Extends Obama’s LGBT Executive Order, Report Shows Billions of Dollars Spent to Fix Failing Schools Didn’t Work

WF 2_24_17 – Trumps Administration Recinds Transgender Mandate, State Legislatures Considering Repeal of Common Core, Washington Supreme Court Rules Against Florist in Religious Liberty, House Votes to Overturn Obama’s Title X Rule


WF 3_03_17 – White House Considers Expanding School Choice Options, House of Representatives Repeals Education Regulations, Judge Blocks Texas From Defunding Planned Parenthood

WF 3_10_17 – AACS Seeks Repeal of Overreaching Regulation, School Choice Advances in New Hampshire, Supreme Court Returns Transgender Case to Lower Court

WF 3_17_17 – AACS Participates in Pro-Life Discussions Regarding Health Care, House D.C. Scholarship Program Moves Forward, Conservative Leaders Ask President Trump to Sign Religious Liberty Executive Order

WF 3_24_17 – Trumps Budget Supports School Choice, Senate Holds Supreme Court Nomination Hearings, West Virginia Votes to Abandon Common Core

WF 3_31_17 – School Choice is Center Stage in Discussions Surrounding Education, AACS to Host National Competition, Federal Court to Rehear Federal Prayer Case, Congress Plans to Defund Planned Parenthood


WF 4_14_17 – AACS Hosts National Competition, Arizona Approves Comprehensive School Choice Expansion, Court Rules Civils Rights Law Prohibites LGBT Discrimination, Senate Passes Pro-Life Resolution to Overturn Obama’s Executive Order

WF 4_21_17 – Oral Arguments Presented at the Supreme Court in Religious Liberty Case, GOP Urges Trump to Sign Religious Liberty EO, Arkansas Bans Sex Selective Abortions

WF 4_28_17 – Trump EO Calls for Review of Federal Overreach, Report Shows Success of D.C. Scholarship Program, Gallup Poll Finds Strong Support for School Choice


WF 5_05_17 – Education and Life Provisions in Omnibus, Trump Signs Executive Order to Protect Religious Liberty, Missouri Senate Passes ESA Bill

WF 5_12_17 – Executive Order for Religious Liberty Recieves Mixed Reviews,Pro Life Provisions in the Health Care Bill, National Day of Prayer Recognized in the Capitol

WF 5_19_17 – New Poll on School Choice, Hearing on Free Speech for Pastors, Oklahoma House Says Abortion is Murder

WF 5_26_17 – President’s Budget Proposal Strengthens School Choice, Betsy DeVos Outlines Principles for Federal School Choice Plan, Trump Expands Pro Life Mexico City Policy


WF 6_2_17 – The Seventh Circut Court Advances Transgender Rights, Betsy DeVos Testifies in Appropriations, Planned Parenthood to Close Three Clinics

WF 6_09_17 – AACS Joins Meeting With Education Secretary DeVos, Sumpreme Court Denies Review of Religious Liberty Case, Planned Parenthood’s Government Funding Belies Services Offered, Montana Judge Rules in Favor of School Choice

WF 6_16_17 – Senator Sanders Criticizes Christian Faith During Confirmation Hearing, Heritage Foundation Urges School Choice for Military Families, Ohio Legislatures Considers Heartbeat Bill

WF-6-23-17 – Senate Holds Hearing on Campus Free Speech, Indiana Christian School at the Center of LGBT Debate, Senate Plans to Vote on Repeal Obamacare Bill Next Week

WF 6_30_17 – Religious Liberty Victory in Supreme Court Ruling, Supreme Court to Review Case Involving Baker and Cake for Gay Wedding, Faith is Not a Hate Crime


WF 7_07_17 – Independence Days: Celebrating America’s Fight for Freedom

WF 7_21_17 – AACS Hosts the Youth Legislative Training Conference in Washington  D.C., GA Supreme Court Rules in Favor of School Choice

WF 7_28_17 – Debate Over Federal Tax Credit for School Choice, NJ Go. Chris Christie Signs New Protections Into Law for LGBT Individuals, Record Number of Regulations Removed During President Trumps First Six Months


WF 8_04_17 – Strong Conservative Nominated to be Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Liberty, Studies Show School Choice Can Reduce Crime, Trump Bans Transgender Personnel in Military 

WF 8_11_17 – Expanding an Existing Program Could Help Create National School Choice, Pro-Life Riders in Appropriations Bills, Federal Court Orders Pregnancy Center to Cover Abortion

WF 8_18_17 – Polls Show Growing Support for Tax Credit Scholarship Programs, Wyoming Judge Petitions Supreme Court, Pro-Life Discussion Causes Dividion in Democrat Party

WF 8_25_17 – School Choice Battle in the States, Trump Set to Rescind Obama Executive Order Requiring Employeers to Pay for Abortions, Texas Bans Taxpayer Funding of Abortions


WF 9_01_17 – New Statistics Show Rise in Enrolement in Private Schools, New Poll Shows Public Confidence in Private Schools, White House Issues Memorandum on Defense Transgender Policy

WF 9_08_17 – Illinois Creates School Choice Tax Credit Program, Judge Rules on Abortion Ban in Texas, Judge Halts Efforts of Justice Department to Subpoena Christians

WF 9_22_17 – AACS Hosts National Legislative Conference, Democrats Unveil Child Care and Early Learning Plan

WF 9_29_17 – AACS Participates in Private School Leadership Conference, DOE Rewrites and Seeks Guidance on Sexual Assault Policy, Survey Show Millennials Support School Choice


WF 10_06_17 – AACS Participates in White House Summit on Deregulation, Reports Show Attacks on Religious Liberty are on the Rise, The Impact of Regulations on Schools in School Choice Programs

WF 10_13_17 – Administration Takes Steps to Provide More Religious Liberty Protections, U.S House Votes to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks, Heritage Foundation Highlights The Beautiful Tree

WF 10_20_17 – AACS Joins Amicus Brief to Supreme Court in Religious Liberty Case, Court Rules Against Clergy Housing Allowance, Colorado Court Cases Could Impact School Choice

WF 10_27_17 – New Research Shows Support for School Choice Amoung Military Families, Maryland Excludes Religious Schools From School Choice onCharges of Discrimination, Countering the Criticism of Florida School Choice with Facts


WF 11_03_17 – Puerto Rico Christian Schools in Need of help, Local School Board Election Could Have National Ramifications, Federal Priorities Reflect School Choice, Bill GatesShifts Education Focus Away From Common core

WF 11_10_17 – House Tax Plan Includes 529 Expansion for School Choice, Puerto Rico Christian Schools in Need of Help, Disappointment for School Choice in Douglas County, Senate Confirms Judge Criticized by Democrats for Her Faith

WF 11_17_17 – Amendments in Senat Tax Bill Promote School Choice, Prayer Cases May Head to the Supreme Court, Pastors Send Letter to Congress Supporting Free Speech

WF 11_24_17 – Help Needed for AACS Schools in Puerto Rico, The First National Thanksgiving Proclamaction by the Continental Congress, November 1, 1777


WF 12_01_17 – School Choice in Tax Reform Bill, New Mexico Textbook Case Could Have Ramifications for School Choice, AACS Submits Public Comments to HHS Faith-Based Office

WF 12_8_17 – School Choice and Teacher Benefits in the Tax Reform Bill, Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments for Religious Liberty Case

WF 12_15_17 Update on Tax Reform: School Choice, Teacher Benefits, and Religious Liberty, DOJ Investigating Planned Parenthood

WF 12_22_17 School Choice Victory in Final Tax Reform Bill, Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Repeal of Obamacare Mandate, Supreme Court Rejects Texas Case on Gay Marriage Benefits

WF 12_29_17 Excerpts from John Jay’s Address of the Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York to Their Constituents [Dec. 23, 1776]