2016 Issues


WF 1_8_16 – AACS Submits Public Comments on Family Engagement, House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood and Derail Obamacare, AL Chief Justice Moore Takes Stand for Marriage

WF 1_15_16 – AACS Joins Amicus Brief Standing for Religious Liberty, Education and President Obama’s Final State of the Union, Catholic School is Forced to Hire Gay Man

WF 1_23_16 – States Take Action to Repeal Common Core, Thousands Brave Bitter Cold at Chicago March for Life, Supreme Court to Hear Case on School Choice and Religious Liberty

WF 1_28_16 – Education Savings Accounts Proposed for Washington D. C. Children, Thousands Attend March for Life, Christian Colleges Seeking Religious Liberty Exemptions, Pro-Life Leaders Indicted in Planned Parenthood Case


WF 2_05_16 – Over 16,700 Events Celebrated National School Choice Week, Undercover Videos Reveal Bias and Cronyism Surrounding Common Core Textbooks, U.S. House Falls Short in Pro-life Vote to Override President’s Veto

WF 2_12_16 – Administration Presents Proposals for Educating Cradle to Career, New Videos Further Expose Planned Parenthood, South Dakota Takes Steps to Protect Students

WF 2_19_16 – School Choice Measures Advancing in the States, Congress Subpoenas Company Buying Aborted Baby Body Parts from Planned Parenthood, Wisconsin Legislature Defunds Planned Parenthood

WF 2_26_16 – AACS Submits Public Comments Regarding Early Education Regulations, Settlement Reached in Religious Liberty Case, Ohio Defunds Planned Parenthood, South Dakota Passes Bill to Protect Students


WF 3_04_16 – WV House Votes to Repeal Common Core, Federal Court Rules Against Religious Liberty, School Board Votes to Protect Students, Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Pro-Life Case

WF 3_11_16 – AACS Offers Comments on New Education Law, Senator Lankford Challenges the Department of Education, Charter School Forces Kindergartners to Accommodate Transgender Student 


WF 4_01_16 – Religious Liberty Battles, School Choice Offers Wide Benefits, Florida Defunds Planned Parenthood

WF 4_08_16 – Religious Freedom Victory in Mississippi,Victory for School Choice in Montana, AACS Hosts National Competition, AACS Youth Legislative Training Conference

WF 4_22_16 – AACS Hosts National Competition, Federal Court Sides with Transgender Student, Missouri House Committee Passes Bill to Ban Abortions, School Choice Expands in FLorida 

WF 4_29_16 – AACS Submits Amicus Brief in Supreme Court Case, Administration Admits it Could Have Respected Religious Freedom, Senator Lankford Secures Religious Freedom Language


WF 5_06_16 – House Passes DC School Choice Bill, School Choice is Good for School Improvement, DOE Releases List of Colleges Seeking Religious Exemption, Abortion Debate Blocks HHS Nominee

WF 5_13_16 – Administration Releases policy Statement, Utah Governor Calls for the Removal of Common Core, North Carolina Bathroom Bill

WF 5_20_16 – Battle Over Presidents Transgender Bathroom Policies, Supreme Court Punts on Religious Liberty Health Care Decision, Pro Life Victories in South Carolina and Louisiana 


WF 6_03_16 – AACS Legislative Office Hosts Spring Lobbying Days, Select Investigative Panel Fighting For Pro-Life, Eleven States Sue Administration Over Bathroom Policy

WF 6_10_16 – Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities in School Choice Laws, Early Ed Research Raises Questions of Program Effectiveness, Louisiana Poised to Ban Some Abortions, Early Bird Registration – National Legislative Conference

WF 6_17_16 – Judge Rules Religious Schools Cannot Participate in School Voucher Program, Research Show Benefits of School Choice, Judge Dismisses Charge Against Pro-Life Activist, Common Core Struggles to Meet Expectations

WF 6_24_16 – Legislation Introduced Threatens Religious Liberty, CA Bill Threatens Religious Liberty of Faith Based Schools, CDC Report Shows Increase in Youth Making Positive Choices, AACS Congratulates Work of Former Intern and YLTC Alumnus, Register Now for National Legislative Conference  


WF 7_1_16 – Opportunity to Help WV Church and Christian School After Severe Flood Damage, Supreme Court Strikes Down Pro-Life Law, Universal Preschool Proponents Support National Standards for Pre-K, Texas Attorney General Stands Against Transgender Policy, Register Now for the AACS National Legislative Conference

WF 7_22_16 – AACS Hosts Youth Legislative Conference, House Holds Hearing on Religious Liberty Bill, House Passes Bill Protecting Conscience 

WF 7_29_16 – Education and Values Issues in Stark Contrast in Party Platforms, Virginia School Board Pauses Transgender Policy, Survey Show Millennials are Pro Life  


WF 8_05_16 – AACS Submits Public Comments on ESSA Regulations, Iowa Church Fights State Over Gender Identity Rule, Texas Parents Succeed in Pushing Back Obama’s Transgender Mandate

WF 8_12_16 – Register for NLC, Religious Liberty Victory for Christian College in Canada, Supreme Court Grants Stay on Transgender Case, Judge Rules Against School Choice in Colorado

WF 8_19_16 – California State Senator Drops (Most of) Proposal That Threatened Religious Freedom of Religious Colleges, States Collaborate to Create Social-Emotional Learning Standards, Military Court Rules Against Religious Freedom of Marine

WF 8_26_16 – Federal Jude Halts Obama’s Transgender Mandate, School Choice Victory in Florida, DOE Announces New Early Ed Grant Program


WF 9_02_16 – Which School Choice Program is Best?, Planned Parenthood Facility Shuts Down in WI, New Report Shows Lack of Evidence for LGBT Claims. 

WF 9_09_16 – PA Considers Bill That Threatens Religious Liberty, Proposed Guidelines for Title X Support Abortion, FBI Investigates Stolen SAT Test Questions 

WF 9_23_16 – AACS Hosts National Legislative Conference, Thanks Dr. Wiebe, and Welcomes Dr. Rouse; America Without Faith Project; U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Coexistence Report 

WF 9_30_16 – Department of Education Hosts Private School Leadership Conference, 40th Anniversary of Hyde Amendment, Private Schools Increase Opportunities for College Degrees for Black Males 


WF 10_06_16 – Nevada Supreme Court Rules on School Choice Program, Senators Charge Justice Department Needs to Provide More Protection for Religious Liberty, Alabama Supreme Court Justice Suspended for Views on Marriage 

WF 10_14_16 – Supreme Court Considers Education Cases, New Massachusetts Law Could Put pastors in Jail, Poll on Religious Liberty vs. Nondiscrimination 

WF 10_21_16 – 9th Circuit Court Forces Pro-Life Centers to Promote Abortion, Millennials Show Strong Support for School Choice, DC Council Considers Legalizing Assisted Suicide

WF 10_28_16 – Obama Administration Pushing Transgender Mandate, 15 States Working to Defund Planned Parenthood, Georgia Pastor Refuses to Turn Over Sermons to the State


WF 11_16_16 – Election Analysis for Religious Liberty and School Choice, Religious Liberty Victory for Iowa Church, Statistics for Private and Religious Schools

WF 11_18_16 – School Choice Gets a Boost with Election Results, DOE Releases Early Ed Guidance, HHS Reports Shows Sex Ed Is Not Effective


WF_12_2_16  – New Education Secretary Supports School Choice, Court Blocks Overtime Rule, Pro-Life Surgeon for New HHS Secretary

WF 12_9_16 – Aid for Christian Schools Damaged by Floods and Tornado, Religious Liberty Protections Stripped from NDAA Bill, House Approved Funding for Select Panel

WF 12_16_16 – New Education Secretary and Common Core, Aid for Christian Schools Damaged by Flood and Tornado, AACS Joins Coalition: Preserve Freedom, Reject Coercion, Ohio Governor Vetoes a Pro Life Bill, but Signs Another Into Law

WF 12_23_16 – National School Choice Week, March for Life to Mark the 44th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Senate Refers Planned Parenthood to FBI for Investigation