2015 Issues


WF 1_9_15 – AACS Joins Amicus Brief in Support of School Choice, Victory for School Choice Program in Florida, Florida Courts Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

WF 1_16_1 – Secretary Duncan Rolls Out Administration’s Plan for ESEA Reauthorization, Dissenting Opinion in 9th Circuit Court on Marriage Issue, President Obama Announces Plan for Free Community College

WF 1_23_15 – Education Priorities Outlined During State of the Union, Supreme Court Decides to Hear Marriage Case, Conservative Policy Summit—”Opportunity for All, Favoritism to None”  

WF 1_30_15 –  National School Choice Week Garners Wide Support, Thousands Stand For Life During the March for Life, White House Reverses Plan to Eliminate College Savings Accounts


WF 2_06_15 – Alabama Supreme Court Judge Stands for Marriage, Strong Pro-Life Bill Moving Forward in States, New York Considering School Choice Scholarship Program

WF 2_13_15 – President’s Budget Proposal Expands Government Involvement in Early Education, Marriage Battle Intensifies in Alabama, ESEA Reauthorization-Conservatives Weigh In

WF 2_20_15 – School Choice Forum Held on Capitol Hill, School Choice Legislation Advancing on the State Level, Secretary Duncan Tries to Negotiate NCLB Waivers

WF 2_27_15 – House of Representatives Considers ESEA Reauthorization, Common Core Update in States, Attorney General Attacks Religious Liberty of Florist, Oklahoma State House Passes Bill to Protect Pastors


WF 3_06_15 – House of Representatives Delays Vote on ESEA Reauthorization, Common Core Update, Federal Judge Overturns Nebraska’s Marriage Amendment, Department of Labor Issues New Rules Regarding Same-Sex Couples

WF 3_13_15 – Supreme Court Upholds Religious Liberty in Notre Dame Case, 8th Circuit Court Upholds Traditional Marriage in Nebraska, Alabama Supreme Court Upholds School Choice Program, West Virginia Passes Bold Pro-Life Bill, Two DC Laws Assault Religious Liberty

WF 3_20_15 – South Carolina Plans to Replace Common Core Standards Next Year, Georgia Scholarship Program Widely Popular, Courts Clash Over Marriage in Alabama, Religious Liberty of Cake Artist Attacked

WF 3_27_15 – Congressional Members Hopeful for ESEA Reauthorization, Marriage and Religious Freedom Act Introduced, Illinois Bible Colleges File Lawsuit Over Freedom to Issue Degrees, Arizona House Passes Law Providing Tax Break for Religious Groups 


WF 4_03_15 – Indiana Becomes Battleground For Religious Freedom, California University Discriminates Against Christian Group

WF 4_10_15 – Indiana Passes Clarification for Religious Liberty Law, School Choice Expands in Arizona, Senate Unveils ESEA Reauthorization Bill

WF 4_24_15 – AACS Hosts National Bible, Fine Arts, and Academic Competition, Senate HELP Committee Passes ESEA Reauthorization, Nevada Passes School Choice Bill, House Committee Takes Steps to Protect Religious Freedom


WF 5_01_15 – Administration Admits Marriage Decision Could Affect Religious Liberty of Faith-based Schools, Secretary Duncan Threatens Withholding Funds if States Boycott Common Core Testing, Religious Liberty Victory for Kentucky-based Business

WF 5_08_15 – AACS Joins Fight to Protect Religious Liberty in Our Nation’s Capital, Religious Liberty at Center of Marriage Debate, School Choice Advances in States During April

WF-5_15_15 – House of Representatives Passes Strong Pro-Life Bill, Senate ESEA Reauthorization Includes Early Education Funding, Louisiana Considers Religious Liberty Bill, Virginia County Claims Federal Policy Mandating New “Nondiscrimination Policy”

WF-5_22_15– AACS Sends Letter to Congress Urging Support for Religious Freedom Bill, President Obama Threatens to Veto Pro-Life Legislation, Lawsuit Against Florida School Choice Program Dismissed

WF-5_29_15– AACS Hosts Lobbying Days to Protect Freedom of Christian Schools, Louisiana Governor Issues Religious Freedom Executive Order, Federal Court Rules Against Religious Liberty  


WF-6_04_15 – AACS President Keith Wiebe Joins Senator Mike Lee for a Press Conference, Chris Christie Pivots on Common Core, North Carolina Passes Abortion Waiting Period Bill

WF-6_12_15 – AACS State Leaders Sign Religious Freedom Letter to Congressional Leadership, Universal School Choice Enacted in Nevada, House and Senate Poised to Vote on ESEA Re-authorization, Federal Court Upholds Texas Pro-Life Law 

WF-6_18_15 – North Carolina State House and Senate Successfully Override Governor’s Veto, Senator Lindsey Graham Introduces Pro-life Bill, North Carolina Passes Abortion Waiting Period Bill


WF 7_10_15 – U.S. Congress Debates Reauthorization of ESEA, National Leaders Fight for Religious Freedom in Wake of Marriage Decision, Ohio Pulls Out of Common Core Testing

WF 7_17_15 – AACS Hosts Youth Legislative Training Conference, U.S. Senate Votes to Reauthorize ESEA, Administration Releases Plans to Expand Head Start Program

WF 7_24_15 – ESEA Reauthorization Bills in Conference, Congressional Support Grows for Religious Liberty Bill, NEA Attacking Religious Freedom

WF 7_31_15 – AACS Joins Webcast on The Court and the Classroom, Congressional Action Against Planned Parenthood, School Choice Victory in North Carolina, Religious liberty Victory in Houston


WF 8_07_15 – College Board Releases New AP History Standards, Senate Fails to Pass Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood, Religious Freedom Endangered by Equality Act, One Week Left for Discounted Registration for AACS National Legislative Conference

WF 8_15_15 – Common Core Becomes Education Issue in GOP Debate, Common Core Opt-Out Movement Growing in New York, States Take Action Against Planned Parenthood, Don’t Miss the AACS National Legislative Conference

WF 8_21_15 – New Poll Shows School Choice Widely Supported, Don’t Miss the AACS National Legislative Conference, Videos Bringing Scrutiny to Planned Parenthood, YLTC Student Named Millennial Director for Major Campaign 


WF 9_04_15 – Common Core Tests Not Meeting Goals, ACLU Attempts to Stop School Choice, The Fight For Life – Update on Planned Parenthood Saga

WF 9_11_15 – Religious Liberty of Government Officials Threatened by Same-Sex Marriage, New York Governor Announces Plans to “Fix” Common Core, Washington Supreme Court Rules Charter Schools Unconstitutional 

WF 9_25_15 – AACS Hosts National Legislative Conference, DOE Hosts Private School Leadership Conference, Congress Takes Action Against Planned Parenthood, Supreme Court Could Take Up Landmark School Choice Case


WF 10_02_15 – Presidential Hopefuls Highlight School Choice at Education Summit, Planned Parenthood President Appears Before Congressional Committee, Values Voter Summit Held in D.C. 

WF 10_09_15 – AACS Submits Public Comments on Religious Liberty, Boehner Introduces Bipartisan School Choice Legislation, Planned Parenthood Protest Planned for Saturday

WF 10_16_15 – Early Education Studies Offer Conflicting Information, Common Core Controversy continues as Test Results Show Problems, Department of Education Introduces New Acting Education Secretary, Planned Parenthood Announces It Will No Longer Accept Payment for Baby Body Parts 

WF 10_23_15 – School Choice Program Approved by House of Representatives, Educational Savings Accounts Offer True Educational Choice, Common Core and Public Opinion, Texas Drops Planned Parenthood from Medicaid Funding


WF 11_06_15 – Common Core Battle Continues on State Level, Houston Voters Protect Religious Liberty, White House Proposes a Cap on Testing

WF 11_13_15– AACS Offers Public Comments Regarding Federal Policy for Early Learners, Common Core May Be the Reason for Lower NAEP Scores, Supreme Court Will Hear Cases on Religious Liberty vs. Obamacare

WF 11_20_15 – ESEA Reauthorization Bills Move to Conference, South Dakota Lawsuit Over Common Core, MARRIpedia Offers Data


WF 12_04_15 – House Passes ESEA Reauthorization Bill, AACS Joins Public Comment Supporting School Choice and Religious Liberty, Judges Force States to Support Planned Parenthood

WF 12_11_15 – Senate Sends Bipartisan Education Bill to the President, Senate Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood and Repeal Obamacare, Report: America’s Best (And Worst) Cities for School Choice

WF 12_18_15 – New Education Law Includes Pro-Life Language, CA Churches File Lawsuit Over Health Care Mandate, University that Upholds Biblical Standards Beats Challenge to its Law-school Accreditation