2014 Issues


WF 01_03_14-Private School Choice Spotlight, Marriage and Religious Freedom Protection Bill Introduced, Abortion Giant Releases Annual Numbers, March for Life Update

WF 01_10_14-Privacy For All Group Wins Crucial Decision, Common Core Pushback Receives Major Funding, Justice Halts Mandate for Nuns, Pro-life Bills Go Into Effect

WF 01_17_14-Omnibus Bill-Education Spending and Life Issues, Supreme Court in Session, Marriage Chaos in the States

WF 01_24_14-Thousands March for Life 2014, Common Core Faltering in the States, National School Choice Week Builds Powerful Coalition, Pro-life Ratings by State

WF 01_31_14-Senators Unveil New School Choice Proposals, Education in the State of the Union, House Votes on Taxpayer Funded Abortion, Virginia Attorney General Abandons Marriage, Abortion Pill Mandate Reaches the Supreme Court


WF 02_07_14-Senator Graham Introduces Resolution Opposing Common Core, Hobby Lobby Abortion Pill Case Mandate, NCLB Waivers and Common Core Testing Collide, Common Science Standards Slow to Garner Support

WF 02_14_14-The House Takes on Common Core, Private School Participation Continues to Grow, Heritage Conservative Policy Summit 2014, Attorney General Announces Same-Sex Benefits Extension

WF 02_21_14-Education Department Releases Private School Statistics, Administration’s Universal Preschool Push Continues, Mississippi Legislature Close to Establishing ESA Program, House Representatives Question Announced Higher Education Actions, Senators Act to Defend Marriage

WF 02_28_14-Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Denounces Common Core Rollout, Education Secretary Addresses Nation’s Governors, U.S. Attorney General Instructs State Heads not to Defend Marriage, Arizona Governor Vetoes Religious Liberty Bill


WF 03_07_14-College Board Unveils New SAT Test, President Obama Releases FY 2015 Budget Proposal, Education Budget: Highlights, Early Education, K-12 Education, Dramatic Agency Reversal Yields Homeschooling Victory

WF 03_14_14-Conservative Experts Tackle Common Core at CPAC, NYC Mayor Closes Charter Schools, Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge Comments, Common Core Resolution Update, Winning the Abortion Olympics

WF 03_21_14-Child Care Development Block Grant Bill Passes Senate, Report Highlights Troubled Student Loan Rehabilitation Process, Hobby Lobby Reaches the Supreme Court, Kentucky Governor and Senate Defend Marriage

WF 03_28_14-Indiana Exits Common Core, The Supreme Court Takes Up Pivotal Religious Liberty Case, Michigan Judge Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Education Savings Accounts


WF 04_04_14-AACS Submits Comments on Administration’s Early Education Agenda, Education Subcommittee Addresses Child Care Block Grant Priorities, School Choice Caucus Hosts Inaugural Meeting, Office of Civil Rights Issues New Report on Public Preschool Programs, UNC Professor Wins Religious Liberty Case

WF 04_18_14-AACS Hosts National Fine Arts Competition, Building the Machine: The Truth About the Common Core Standards, Federal Judge Issues Sweeping Marriage Ruling in Ohio, Support Fading Fast for Common Core in States, Pro-Life Challenges in North Dakota and Arkansas

WF 04_25_14-Kansas Governor Establishes New School Choice Program, Arizona Legislature Votes to Expand Education Savings Accounts, Oklahoma Marriage Case at Appeals Court, Dr. James Dobson Wins Injunction Against Abortion Pill Mandate, Pro-life Group Fights for First Amendment at Supreme Court


WF 05_02_14-Common Core Standards Cause Major Purchasing Changes, Secretary Duncan Highlights Graduation Rates, Administration Announces Teacher Preparation Regulations, Georgia Governor Signs Bill Banning Obamacare Abortion Funding

WF 05_09_14-Teacher Appreciation Week, Prayer Wins at the Supreme Court, Education Department Responds to Indiana Exiting Common Core, Court Rebukes Justice Department Attempt to Block School Choice Program, Washington State Becomes First to Lose Waiver

WF 05_16_14-National Assessment of Educational Progress Reveals Stagnation, Massachusetts Court Upholds Pledge of Allegiance, Marriage Turmoil in the States

WF 05_23_14-Opposition to Common Core Continues to Build, Early Education Bill Moves Forward, Senate Majority Leader Blocks Vote on Pro-life Bill, Senators Work to Save Sudanese Woman Facing Execution

WF 05_30_14-Lobbying Days Update, American Federation for Children National Conference, Americans Petition Administration to Help Persecuted Sudanese Christian, Marriage Redefinition in Oregon and Pennsylvania, Texas Abortion Centers Continue to Close


WF 06_06_14-Alabama Court Rules Innovative School Choice Program Unconstitutional, States Continue to Pull Out of the Common Core, Update on Sudanese Christian Mother, CHOICE Act Introduced in the House of Representatives

WF 06_13_14-Oklahoma Exits Common Core Standards, Administration Advances Student Loan Proposals, Wisconsin Judges Redefines Marriage, California Judge Rules Against Teacher Tenure Practices

WF 06_20_14-Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Rejects Common Core, Pro-life Group Wins at Supreme Court, Court Defines Sin in HHS Abortion Pill Mandate Case, President Announces Executive Order on LGBT Rights

WF 06_27_14_-Florida Governor Signs Education Savings Account Bill, Executive Order Update, March for Marriage Update, Sudanese Christian Freed From Prison


WF 07_04_14 – Religious Liberty Protected By Supreme Court in Hobby Lobby Case, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pro-Life Speech, TN Withdraws from Common Core Testing, IRS Agrees to Pay for Leaking Marriage Group’s Donor List, AACS YLTC Next Week!

WF 07_18_14 – Religious Liberty Protected by Supreme Court Now Threatened by Legislation, States Face Battle to Replace Common Core Standards, Missouri and North Carolina Plan to Replace Common Core Standards, “The Most Radical Pro-Abortion Bill Ever Considered by Congress,” AACS Youth Legislative Training Conference

WF 07_25_14 – President Obama Uses His “Pen” to Implement ENDA for Federal Workers and Contractors, House Member Moves to Remove Religious Liberty Protections from ENDA, Meriam Ibrahim Leaves Sudan, North Carolina Governor Signs Bill to Revise Common Core Standards, Senator Rubio Gives a Values Speech


WF 07_31_14 – Senate Considers UN Treaty Endangering Parental Rights, House Bill Aims to End Discrimination Against Religious Adoption Agencies, Heritage Foundation Releases the First Issue of the Culture and Opportunity Report, Is the Common Core Debate Reaching a Tipping Point?

WF 08_08_14 – AP US History Standards Stimulates Common Core Controversy, State of Marriage – Court Hearings and Rulings, Ohio Debates Dropping Common Core, White House Announces Revisions to Contraceptive Accommodation

WF 08_15_14 – Common Core Controversy Intensifies in Louisiana, Religious Liberty and the New Tolerance, Florida Teachers Union Sues Over School Choice for Special Needs Students, DOE Office of Non-Public Education Announces US Senate Youth Program, DOE Office of Early Learning Announces Poll Claiming Bipartisan Support for More Federal Funding

WF 08_22_14  Obama Administration Announces Early Education Competition for States, New Polls Show Waning Support for Common Core Standards, Common Core Battle Continues in the States, New York State Fines Family $13,000 for Declining to Host Wedding Ceremony

WF 08_29_14 – Governor Jindal Intensifies Common Core Fight, DOE Approves Flexibility in NCLB Waivers for MI and OH, Supreme Court Grants Stay in Same-Sex Marriage Case


WF 09_05_14 – Oklahoma Loses Federal Funding Over Common Core Controversy, School Choice Program Upheld by New Hampshire Supreme Court, Federal Judge “Stands Athwart History,” Next Week:  AACS Hosts National Legislative Conference

WF 09_19_14 – Country School Board Reverses Decision to Opt Out of Common Core Testing, Government’s Early Learning Initiative Expanding, Taxpayers Are Funding Abortion Coverage for Millions of Americans

WF 09_25_14 – Taxpayers Sue Missouri Over Common Core Payments, Preschool National Summit Held in NYC, AACS Student Participates in Private Education Discussion Panel


WF 10_03_14 – Supreme Court Decides to Delay Action for Same-Sex Marriage Cases, Common Core Testing is Big Business, Values Voters Summit Attracts Large Crowd in Nation’s Capital, Innovation in School Choice Through Education Savings Accounts

WF 10_10_14 – The Supreme Court’s “Non-Decision” on Marriage Has Drastic Results, Common Core Controversy Continues, School District Faces Backlash for Course Review

WF 10_17_14 – Marriage Battle Continues to Wage in the States, Houston Pastors Subpoenaed for Sermons, Supreme Court Halts Part of Texas Abortion Law, Christian Business Owner Told to Leave Religion at Home

WF 10_24_14 – AACS Stands for Religious Liberty of Houston Pastors, Ministers Declining to Perform Same-Sex Marriages Face Jail Time, Federal Judge Upholds Marriage Law, Early Education Popular Issue on State Level

WF 10_31_14 – I Stand Sunday – Supporting Religious Liberty in Houston and Across the Nation, NC Magistrates Resign Over Requirement to Perform Same-Sex Marriages, Early Education Expansion Update, Common Core Support Continues to Fall


WF 11_07_14 – Election Victories for Social Issues:  Life, Marriage, and School Choice,  Thousands Take a Stand for Religious Liberty,  Looking Towards Victory for Ministers in Idaho

WF 11_14_14 – Victory for Marriage in Sixth Circuit Court, Marriage Battle Continues to Wage in the States, Two More States Work to Replace Common Core, School Choice Gets Strong Support in WI

WF 11_21_14 – Victory Housing Tax Exemption, Child Care Development Block Grant Is Signed by the President, White House Announces Summit on Early Education, Low Scores Predicted for Common Core Tests


WF 12_05_14 – Obama Administration Lauding Expansion of State-Run Early Education, Common Core Standards Face Battle in Tennessee, Marriage Battle in Mississippi, Abortion in Obamacare

WF 12_12_14 – 18 States Awarded Preschool Grants by the Department of Education, National Summit on Education Reform Includes School Choice, Anti-Common Core Bill Introduced in Senate, Michigan House Approves Religious Freedom Restoration Act

WF 12_19_14 – Victories and Losses for Social Issues in “CROmnibus,” Arkansas City Repeals Bad Discrimination Ordinance, New Marriage Cases Headed to Supreme Court