2013 Issues


WF 01_04_13-Education and the Fiscal Cliff, Educators Voice Opposition to the Common Core, HHS Mandate Update, Texas Opposes Taxpayer Funding of Abortion, Sweden Challenges Parental Rights

WF 01_11_13-Thank You for Hurricane Sandy Relief Donations, NCLB Waivers Update, Planned Parenthood Report’s Horrific Numbers, Christian Professor Regains Job After Petition Controversy, Group Releases Christian Persecution Report

WF 01_18_13_-Details of Common Core Science Emerge, Celebrate National School Choice Week, AEI Event Addresses Common Core Issues, Rhode Island Considers Same-Sex Marriage Bill, HHS Mandate Update

WF 01_25_13-Opposition of Common Core Standards Rally in Indiana, Gun Control Task Force and School Safety Implications, 40th Year Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, National School Choice Week


WF 02_01_13-Head Start Report Highlights Major Issues, Pro-life Group Wins Legal Victory, March for Life Update, Boy Scouts Under Fire

WF 02_08_13-Department of Education Releases Race to the Top Two Year Evaluation, House Education Committee Affirms Committment to DC School Choice Program, HHS Issues Abortion Pill Accommodation, Boy Scouts Under Fire

WF 02_15_13-Education Focus in the State of the Union, Early Education, Race to the Top for High Schools, College Affordability, Senator Rubio Introduces Federal School Choice Legislation, Senate Education Committee Holds NCLB Waivers Hearing

WF 02_22_13-Early Education Proposal Panned By Critics, Common Core Opponents Gain Ground, Illinois Senate Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill, Pro-life Victory in New York, Pray for Marriage Effort


WF 03_01_13-Massachusetts Gender Rules Create Controversy, Religious Freedom for Higher Education Institutions, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Launches School Choice Intiative, HHS Mandate Litigation Update

WF 03_08_13-School Choice Advances in Alabama, Hearing Highlights How Better Teacher Evaluation Systems Help Improve Student Performance, Additional States Request NCLB Waiver Flexibility, Top K-12 Senators Ask for Sequestration Clarification, Administration Argues Against Traditional Marriage

WF 03_15_13-The Alliance for School Choice Publishes Annual Yearbook, Representatives Introduce Important Religious Liberty Bill, DCPS Schools Ratings Drop as Charter Schools Rise, HHS Mandate Update, White House Tours Canceled

WF 03_22_13-Marriage at the Supreme Court, Alabama School Choice Survives Legal Challenge, Student Advocates Advise Education Department, Common Core Officials Offer Details

WF 03_29_13-Indiana Supreme Court Upholds School Choice Program. Arne Duncan Contends with State K-12 Chiefs Over Waivers, Thousands March for Marriage, Several States Pass Compehensive Pro-life Measures, Senate Holds Unprecedented Vote-a-rama


WF 04_04_13-Georgia Expands School Choice Program, Court Overturns Injunction on Colorado School Choice Program, 13 Attorney Generals Fight HHS Mandate, Planned Parenthood Lobbies Against Born Alive Act, AACS National Competition

WF 04_19_13-AACS National Competition, Legislative Office Hosts Lobbying Days, President Obama Releases 2014 Budget Proposal, DOE Launches New Round of Race to the Top, Media Finally Covers Horrific Abortion Trial

WF 04_26_13-Universal Preschool Push Highlights Head Start Issues, Family Research Council Shooter Trial Update, Kansas Legislature Passes Significant Pro-life Bill


WF 05_03_13-Research Highlights Efficacy of Religious Schools, States Reject Common Core Standards, School Safety Legislation Across the States, Mississippi Expands School Choice Options, Virginia Finalizes Pro-life Regulations

WF 05_10_13-Teacher Appreciation Week, Common Core Assessment Issues, Administration Halts Attack on Bible Publisher, Two States Recognize Same-Sex Marriage, Louisiana Supreme Court Rejects Voucher Funding Mechanism

WF 05_17_13-Opposition to the Common Core Continues, Education Department Proposes Changes to Financial Aid Forms, Abortion Doctor Faces Life in Prison for Crimes, Minnesota Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

WF 05_23_13-Education Secretary Lobbies for Increased Funding, Indiana Puts the Pause on Common Core, Atheist Group Sues to Remove Bibles from Georgia’s State Parks, Religious Liberty Victory in Montana, Congressman Introduces Nationwide Fetal Pain Bill

WF 05_31_13-New Round of RTT-ELC Announced, Boy Scouts Decision, DOJ Issues Rules for Gay Pride month, RTT Interest Waning in Districts, Per Pupil Spending Census Data Revealed


WF 06_7_13-Iowa Expands School Choice Options, Nation’s Graduation Rates on the Rise, Illinois Same-Sex Marriage Bill Stalls in the House, Christian Legal Group Advances First Amendment Rights at Public Colleges, Majority Leader Launches Citizen Action Project

WF 06_14_13-ESEA Reauthorization Moves Forward, States Begin to Adopt New Science Standards, Bipartisan Efforts Restore Louisiana School Choice Program, Abortion Clinic Closures Around the Country, Plan B Legalized for All Girls

WF 06_21_13_-Arizona Expands School Choice Options, House Committee Passes ESEA Bill, Federal Agencies Issue Comprehensive School Safety Guidelines, House Passes Important Pro-life Legislation, Religious Liberty Amendments Included in Defense Authorization Bill

WF 06_28_13-Marriage at the Supreme Court, Defense of Marriage Act, Proposition 8


WF 07_03_13-Administration’s Final “Accommodation” Brings Little Relief, States Embrace School Choice, AACS Prepares for the 19th Annual Youth Legislative Training Conference

WF 07_19_13-AACS Hosts 19th Annual YLTC, House of Representatives Considers ESEA Reauthorization Bill, Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Pro-life Plates, Pennsylvania Attorney General Declines to Defend Marriage

WF 07_23_13-Cost of Common Core Assessments Cause States to Reconsider, State Attorney Generals Abdicate Duty to Uphold Law, FCC Considers Change to Decency Standards, House Debates Atheist Chaplains


WF 08_02-13-North Carolina Passes Landmark School Choice Bill, President Obama Delivers Major Speech on Education Policy, Student Loan Crisis Averted, Planned Parenthood Admits Fraud, Colonial Hills Baptist Church and School Bus Accident Update

WF 08_09_13-States Continue to Withdraw From Common Core Tests, Atheist Group Wages Aggressive Campaign, REINS Act Passes House, Military Kicks Pornography Off Base

WF 08_16_13-California Districts and Maine are Latest to Gain NCLB Waivers, California Passes Controversial Bathroom Bill, Public Prayer Gets a Lift from Administration Brief, Government Agency Investigating Abortion Provider

WF 08_24_13_-Education Department Warns States About Waiver Status, Childhood Obesity Report Reveals Stable Rates, States See Increase in School Choice Program Applications, DC Planned Parenthood Given Thousands in Obamacare Grants

WF 08_30_13-Administration Files Lawsuit Against Louisiana Voucher Program, Education Polling Yields interesting Information, RTT-ELC Final Application Released, Religious Liberty Defeat in New Mexico


WF 09_06_13-AACS National Legislative Conference Highlights Key Issues and Speakers, Comprehensive Survey Highlights Data on Private School Community, Common Core Confusion in North Carolina, Pro-life Victory in Iowa

WF 9_20_13-AACS Hosts National Legislative Conference, Education Department Releases RTT-ELC FAQ Document, Court Dismisses Challenge to National Motto, Special Order on Religious Liberty, Abortion Clinics Closing Around the Country

WF 9_27_13-AACS Participates in Family Research Council Lecture, Louisianans Fight to Save School Choice Program, Business Groups Work to Promote the Common Core Standards, Private School Leadership Conference


WF 10_4_13-Arizona Appeals Court Upholds New School Choice Option, Private School SAT Scores Raise National Average, Secretary Urges Business Leaders to Support Early Education, Effect of the Shutdown on Education, New Jersey Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

WF 10_11_13-Study Reveals American Adults Lag Behind International Counterparts, Military Supports Common Core Standards, Colorado Business Receives HHS Mandate Reprieve, Pro-marriage Group Sues IRS for Leaking Classified Information

WF 10_18_13-Education Secretary Loses Leverage in Second Term, Values Voter Summit Update, Abortion Coverage in Obamacare, Anti-Bullying Programs Produce More Bullying, More Groups Join HHS Mandate Cases

WF 10_25_13-AACS Highlights Common Core Standards Issues, American Workforce Unprepared for STEM Jobs, DOE Announces RTT-ELC Applicants, Report Highlights Taxpayer-Subsidized Abortion in Healthcare Law


WF 11_01_13-Senate Expected to Consider Controversial Measure, Judge Rejects Portions of Texas Pro-life Law, Social Engineering Trumps Privacy Rights, Children Increasingly Use Mobile Devices

WF 11_08_13-Senate Consider Employment Non-Discrimination Act, HHS Mandate Victory, Same-Sex Marriage Advances in Hawaii and Illinois, Supreme Court Considers Legislative Prayer Case, Texas Pro-life Law Reinstated

WF 11_15_13-National Assessment of Educational Progress Results, Preschool for All Effort Gets Big Boost, Education Committee Holds Hearing on Healthcare Law’s Effect, Colorado Voters Embrace Education Reform, Senator Graham Introduces Pain-Capable Bill

WF 11_22_13-DC Opportunity Scholarship under Scrutiny, Common Core Testing Controversy Grows, Department of Justice Amends Louisiana Choice Lawsuit, Religious Freedom Restoration Act Reaches 20th Year, No Flyer Next Week


WF 12_06_13-Race to the Top for District Finalists Announced, Hobby Lobby Heads to the Supreme Court, March for Life Update, Judge Declares Clergy Housing Allowance Unconstitutional, AFA Issues Naughty of Nice List

WF 12_13_13-Massachusetts Halts Common Core Implementation, International Testing Results Reveal American Stagnation, Senate Nuclear Option Paves Way for Controversial Nominees, Judge Orders Baker to Violate Beliefs, House Holds Hearing for Imprisoned Pastor

WF 12_20_13-Study Finds Principals Not Ready for Common Core, Race to the Top-District Winners, Wait No More Adoption Program, Judge Orders Removal of Mt. Soledad Cross, Same-Sex Marriage Decision Leads to Polygamy Ruling, No Flyer Next Week