2010 Issues


December 16, 2010 – Christmas Greeting; DADT Repeal Vote; Bullying Update; Virginia Healthcare Law Ruling; Increased Persecution of Christians

December 10, 2010 – Oral Arguments on Prop 8; Pro Life Amendment Added to Women Veteran’s Bill; National Motto Controversy; “Common Sense Concepts” Series; AACS New Staff Member Welcome

December 3, 2010- Benefits of Private Education; DADT Senate Hearing; CEDAW Treaty Hearing; “The Child” Documentary; National Pledge Wins in Court


November 12, 2010- Elections Pave Way for Pro- School Choice Congress; Marriage Victories in the States; Library of Congress Surplus Book Program

November 5, 2010- 2010 Elections Results; Supreme Court Hears Arguments on AZ School Choice Law; Education Secretary Sends Bullying Letter to Schools


October 29, 2010- Education Stakeholder Forum; 2010 Midterm Election Outlook; Founding Fathers’ Thoughts on Voting

October 22, 2010- 2010 Elections and Values; Judge Rules on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”; AZ School Choice Supreme Court Case; Department of Education Focuses on Hispanic Education

October 8, 2010- New Federal Rule Change Imposes on Private Colleges and Universities; Senate Introduces Seclusion and Restraint Bill; Federal Judge Dismisses Atheist Group’s Lawsuit against Pledge and National Motto

October 1, 2010- NBC’s “Education Nation” Lacks Valuable Solutions; Major Gaps Exist in America’s Religious Knowledge; October is Christian Higher Education Month


September 10, 2010- National Legislative Conference About to Commence!; Is a National Curriculum Next?; Join in the “Read Your Constitution Day!”


August 27, 2010- Race to the Top Winners Announced; Judge Blocks Embryonic Stem Cell Research; Pro-Life Movement in the States; Religious Hiring Victory!

August 20, 2010- National Legislative Coference Reminder; FDA Approves Abortion Pill; Court Places Emergency Stay on Same-Sex Marriages; Bullying Summit Promotes Homosexual Agenda

August 13, 2010- YLTC Huge Success!; National Education Philosophy; AACS Joins Amicus Brief in AZ School Choice Supreme Court Case; Department of Education Hosts Bullying Summit

August 6, 2010- States Jump on Board with Common Standards; Elena Kagan Confirmed by Senate; CA Court Overturns Prop 8; National Legislative Conference Reminder


July 30, 2010- States Continue to Adopt Federal Standards; Prayer Illegal on Supreme Court Grounds; Youth Legislative Training Conference a Great Success; DC Court Upholds National Motto

July 9, 2010- Louisiana Enacts School Choice Program; CA District Allows Bible Course; States Resist Race to the Top Funds; Hawaii Governor Veto’s Same-Sex Civil Unions; Republicans Launch America Speaking Out


June 25, 2010- Report Shows Benefits of D.C. Opportunity Scholarhsip Program; Update on SCOTUS Nominee, Elena Kagan; Early Learning Discussed on Capitol Hill; Rep. Gohmert Recieves Nat. Bible Assoc. Award!

June 18, 2010- “Emergency” Teacher Bailout; DOE Hosts Webinar on Early Education; Report Shows Millions of Taxpayer Money Going to Pro-Abortion Groups; CA Court Hear Final Arguments Against Traditional Marriage

June 11, 2010- Oklahoma Governor Signs School Choice Bill; Abortion and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Attached to Senate Defense Bill; Conservatives Continue to Oppose Kagan Nomination

June 4, 2010- Common Core State Standards Released; Virtual Education; AZ School Choice goes to Supreme Court; Obamanomics and the Family


May 28, 2010- AACS Co-Hosts ESEA Capitol Hill Briefing; Congressional Hearing on Early Ed; Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to be Repealed; National Legislative Conference

May 21, 2010- Head Start Under Investigation; Supreme Court and Parental Rights; Texas Textbooks; SCOTUS Kagan

May 14, 2010- Financial Bill and Non-Profits; Obama Announces New Supreme Court Nominee; Religious Heritage Battle; National Legislative Conference

May 7, 2010- National Day of Pray Proceeds; Illinois School Choice; AACS State Leaders Lobby in D.C.;


April 30, 2010- Early Education Listening Tour; Mojave Desert Cross Ordered to Remain; Study on Religion and Society Released

April 23, 2010- Defending National Day of Prayer; Briefing on National Standards; Health Care Dissatisfaction; Florida Expands Tax Credits

April 9, 2010- States Skeptical of Race to the Top; Progressive Agenda and Early Education; Obama’s Controversial Appointments

April 1, 2010- AACS Submits ESEA Comments; Religious Heritage Petition; Health Care Aftermath


March 26, 2010- Health Care Bill Signed into Law; Church Service held in U.S. Capitol; CA Religious Freedom Amendments; Social Justice Resources; Haiti Relief Fund

March 19, 2010- Health Care Update; President Releases ESEA Blueprint; 9th Circuit Court Victory; Senate Denies School Choice to D.C. Students

March 12, 2010- National Standards Analysis; Consumer Protection Agency Threatens Non-Profits; WH Faith-Based Office Submits Recommendations; Health Care Update

March 5, 2010- Seclusion and Restraint Bill Passes House; Republicans Four Principles for Ed Reform; White House Meets with Secular Group; Health Care is Back


February 26, 2010: Revival in Haiti; Consumer Financial Protection Agency Concerns; Conservative Political Action Conference

February 19, 2010: States Sing onto Common Core Standard Initiative; AACS Signs Mount Vernon Statement; Progressives Push Radical Education Agenda

February 12, 2010: Seclusion and Restraint Bill; Pro-Life Super Bowl Commercial; Planned Parenthood Radical Sex-Education Report

February 5, 2010: Student’s Give to Haiti; Presidents Education Agenda in Budget; DADT Hearings Held; Dawn Johnson Re-nominated


January 29, 2010: State of the Union; March for Life; German Homeschool Family Granted Asylum in U.S.

January 22, 2010: Education Agenda 2010; Health Care Update; March for Life

January 15, 2010: Haiti Relief Fund; March for Life; Student’s Religious Freedom; D.C. Marriage Vote; Prop 8 Heads to Court in CA

January 8, 2010: Marriage Victory in NJ; Homeschooling in Sweden; Religious Freedom Sunday; Health Care Update; March for Life Reminder