General Info and Rules

2017 General Information

  • On-campus housing will be available for competitors (and sponsors) but competitors are no longer required to stay in residence halls.
  • BJU has arranged special hotel discounts (see enclosed list).
  • On-campus housing will be available for competitors living 50 or more miles outside of Greenville. (In the past, competitors living within 150 miles of Greenville could not stay in the residence halls.)
  • Due to the housing changes, a change was made in the attendance requirements for those living within 50 miles of Greenville. (See enclosed General Information, registration #3–required meetings.)
  • There is no longer a per-person off-campus registration fee for students who do not stay in the residence halls. Competition event fees were increased slightly to offset the elimination of the off-campus registration fee.

It is intended that the current manual will cover competition for five years (spring of 2016 through spring of 2020), at which time a new manual will be adopted. However, in order to correct errors discovered within the manual, the Competition Annual Update has been posted on the AACS website and any changes noted therein will govern the competition. School leadership should review the Competition Annual Update and You Need to Know each year and inform students, teachers, coaches, parents, and others of any changes.

Refer to the AACS Website, the Competition Annual Update, and the National Competition Manual (2015 edition) for information regarding this year’s topics for Bible categories, the Debate topic, rules updates or clarifications, and other important information.

Competition Annual Update

You Need to Know